Monday, May 6, 2013

Chasing Francis (A Pilgrim's Tale) by Ian Morgan Cron

The latest book on my review shelf is, "Chasing Francis", by Ian Morgan Cron. This work was first published in 2006 and is due to release again May 7. In reading the back cover you get the gist of the book. Pastor Chase Falson is going through the motions. He is beginning to question everything he has been taught. The church is seeing this change occur in their pastor and they too are questioning his motives. Nothing is making sense. The church asks Chase to leave until he can get it together. He is off to spend time with his uncle in Italy. On his visit there he learns the teachings of Saint Francis.

I opened this book not really prepared for what I was about to uncover myself. Ever question yourself, "Is this all there is?" I have. Leaving church I too have wondered, "There has to be more." As we take this journey with Pastor Chase we come to see that when the heart leaves behind the things of this world and searches for nothing but Jesus, you find Him.

I found this book to be surprisingly good. Not every book comes with a study guide in the back. I must say I found the study guide to be helpful. Questions were asked so that you could reflect upon the journey Chase had taken and compare it to your own journey as a pilgrim.

I could totally relate with Pastor Chase in the reality that he just wanted to leave, to get away. He didn't leave Jesus and his faith. He was simply questioning. Some may think that questioning makes for a weak Christian. There is nothing wrong with questioning our faith. That is how we grow. Along this journey Chase reached out to those he knew would lead him. As the book begins we see Chase going through a change. It was his last sermon preached at the mega church he was pastoring that put the deacons over the edge. As that last sermon hit them wrong, there was one who reached out to the pastor and shared that it was his best sermon ever.

See, Chase, preached from his notes. Never leaving what he had prepared. On this last sermon he began with his notes, but left them behind and truly opened his heart. He was no longer hiding behind the motions, but poured it all out, being as real as he could be. This is what Jesus wants from us and this is what I can take away from this book. Get out of the humdrum. Leave the comfort behind. Change the scenery and go all out searching for the will of God. Once Chase left behind the normal he found the perfect will of God. He found himself while searching for Jesus.

This book was a gift from Zondervan for writing my review of, "Chasing Francis".

Ian Morgan Cron is an author and nationally recognized speaker. His spiritual memoir Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me: A Memoir...of Sorts was a Wall Street Journal bestseller and a featured title in the Barnes and amp; Noble Discover Great New Writers program. Ian lives in Tennessee with his wife, and three children. Website:


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