Friday, May 6, 2011


Spring time it here! For some the rains are ending and for some they are just beginning. Life seems to be the same for us. Although we are faced with many seasons in life, the Son is is always shining. That is something we must always remember. No matter the season, the Lord, is always present and alive in our lives.

I took a few weeks off from Lets Chat Friday to rethink my questions and dig deeper into all God is placing in my life. Facing storms seems to be something that comes quite often. With each storm approaching God is forever teaching me that He is present. He holds all in His hands and I need to trust Him as my Shelter and Refuge.

I have been blessed time and time again as God places women in my life who continue to teach me and inspire me to be all He has created me to be. As storms enter my life He continues to place comfort and encouragement around me letting me know He is ever present in every area of my life. Even in those rainy days. It is through the rain that flowers blossom and sweet aromas fill the air.

My guest today is, Krista Dunk. She is one of these women who inspires me. She is a woman who stands out and reaches for God's guidance in her life. She is one of those glimmer girls. You know them. Even when it's cloudy out they seem to bring a sparkle of hope in everything they touch. Why? Because they are girls of God. They are willing vessels. They are reaching out to other women in all their insecurities and imperfections to show that through Jesus Christ we can find security. We can be complete and we can be perfect through Him.

It is an honor to have, Krista, join us. She has much going on in her life, including a new ministry and a new book. Talk about doing God things. The thing I love about her is the fact that she knows what is most important. Her relationship with the Lord. It is through Him that she can in turn be all she is called to be and have the strength to do it! This girl is on fire for the Lord! We too can be. All we must do is surrender and search God for all He has for us. It is my prayer that you are blessed today through our chat. I hope that there is something that stands out for you. Something valuable you can take away. It is when we share that we grow. The more we grow the more we reach out. The more we reach out the more God is able to move through us.

(Robin) Krista, it is an honor to have you join us. Please tell us about yourself..
(Krista) It's an honor to be here Robin - thank you! In a quick nutshell, I'm a woman of God who's been on a journey; a journey with God to find out all that He has for my life. Having that clarity feels good, and my goal is to help other women of God do the same. I'm a wife, mother, author, business owner, sign-language interpreter, speaker, worshipper, Barbie doll dresser, homework helper...Life is full and God is good.

(Robin) You have been married for eighteen years! Wow! Congratulations! How have you made your marriage successful? What encouraging words would you give to a couple just starting out?
(Krista) Yes, we're old married people now (LOL) who've both come from divorced homes. Interestingly, both couples divorced at 17 years, so we've defeated that cycle! My husband and I are very much a team. Thankfully, we share similar views on spending money, raising our children, faithfulness and supporting each other. We're also both Christians, although it wasn't always so. When we got married, I had been out of church for 8 years and he had never been a church goer. We had some rough years in the beginning, but God had a plan!

(Robin) You are blessed to have a home filled with children. What are the greatest challenges of being a mom and the most rewarding?
(Krista) I have two great children, both elementary school age. I'd say a couple big challenges are combating the worldly viewpoint and values that pop up almost everywhere we look, and cultivating hearts within them that are compassionate. I also have to admit that I'm a very systematic, structured person...if only my kids shared that value...things would be cleaner!

There are so many rewarding, positive things about parenthood. One thing I enjoy is how God teaches me through them. I also love to encourage their creativity and gifts. I can't imagine my life without them!

(Robin) You are part of a new ministry, LeadHer, that is in the works right now. Please tell us the nuts and bolts of this great project and share how others can be involved.
(Krista) Yes, LeadHer is just getting started, and it's a ministry-focused organization and website for Christian women. Part of their mission is to connect women up with valuable blogs (written by other Christian women) where they can get encouragement, wisdom, resources and teaching. My Koinonia Business Women's blog is part of that blog list, as is yours too Robin!

(Robin) Besides being part of a new ministry, you have your own ministry, Koinonia, that reaches many across the land. Share all about your ministry with us.
(Krista) Koinonia Business Women (KBWomen) is "Where Faith, Business & Women Connect, Collaborate & Grow." We exist for Christian women in business who need a community of like-minded women who understand who they are. We learn business skills together, collaborate and support one another. KBWomen has a weekly radio show, blog, monthly newsletters and an association to join - KBWA!

(Robin) Krista, you are one busy woman of God!! How do you balance it all?
(Krista) That is a fabulous question...let me get back to you on that...

But seriously, it can be tough. I use a LOT of lists and calendar reminders to keep me on track. Collaboration and prayer sure does help too!

(Robin) You too have a new book coming out! Girl, God is doing a work in your life. Praise the Lord! Please share with us about your newest gift in life.
(Krista) Thank you - Yes, I am so excited about my upcoming book! It comes out this month, and is called "Step Out and Take Your Place - How to Discover and Live Your Everyday Calling." My dream is to see God's people stepping out into their God-ordained places in life, doing the good work they've been called to do. I had a difficult time in my life stepping out - in fact, for a long time I had no idea what place to step out into. Once God showed me what my gifts are, how He created me and what for, He then showed me that too many of His people remain in that frustrated place. They want to be in His will and operating within His plan for their lives, but don't know where to start.

You are gifted, and it's time to shine!

(Robin) What inspiring words would you give to one just beginning a new journey who is afraid of failure at every turn?
(Krista) Learn to love imperfection. As someone who doesn't love imperfection or failure, this thought has helped me tremendously!

(Robin) What is the legacy you hope to leave behind?
(Krista) I hope that I can inspire people to step out and express who God has created them to be. My hope is to inspire creativity in other people, too, and to help them express their hearts to God in worship. Right now, God is teaching me about humility as well - it's the key to a lot within His Kingdom. At the end of my life, I want those who knew me to say, "She used everything God gave her.

(Robin) Looking back at yourself at the age of eighteen, what advice would you give yourself that you now know would have brought more joy and less wandering?
(Krista) Oh boy...I had WAY too much wandering! However, I see now how it was part of my journey and God is using it. I would tell myself - You have been created for greater works and your life is found in God. Stop living a timid, small life and get rid of the limiting beliefs that are hindering you.

(Robin) I love when women share beauty secrets. Beauty begins in the heart of a woman and flows outward. We complain so much about ourselves. Krista, what is one thing you love about yourself?
(Krista) One inner-beauty secret about me is that I love to laugh. An outer-beauty thing that I love about myself is my big, crazy hair. It's poufy, sometimes unmanageable and there's a lot of it!

(Robin) When you were a youngster, what were your dreams growing up? Have those dreams reached your wildest imagination or has God placed you on a different path?
(Krista) Honestly Robin, I don't remember having any big dreams as a kid. Maybe there were fleeting thoughts of becoming an Olympic gymnast or a rich investor like my grandfather, but nothing that was really in my heart. God has so completely changed my life! It feels like He's brought me into a wide-open space.

(Robin) If you could share in one word what you want your life to say in 2011, what would it be?
(Krista) Expression

Friends, thank you so much for stopping in. Hasn't it been wonderful having, Krista, as a guest? Krista is having a  give-a-way of her book, "Step Out And Take Your Place", along with the workbook. This will be in the eBook form. What an awesome gift!  All you must do is leave a comment here and share how this chat has blessed you today. How easy is that? The winner will be announced Thursday, May 12. Please remember to check back and also share with your friends. This is a great give a way!


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