Monday, June 20, 2011


Have you met the real, Jesus? Are you just going by how He is portrayed in paintings? Do we see Him as the world does or are we seeing the real Him? So many times we put Jesus in a box and close it up tight. We limit God with our own limitations. We seem to think He is only one way, but in reality, if we look close enough, deep enough and long enough? Well, that is when we are going to see the real Him. The Jesus that has no limits. The Jesus that is wildly free and wildly crazy about you.

Lisa Harper engages us with Jesus in her newest study, Untamed. She uses stories to bring our interests alive and detail to bring us a sharper image of Christ. The real image found in His Word. Lisa uses scripture to help us begin a new journey. One filled with hope and freedom, only found in Christ Jesus.

I really enjoyed this study. It is a great study to do alone or for a small group. I would love to do this study in Sunday School. Lisa, will make you laugh, tears will come and you will ponder your relationship with Christ. Sure, we believe, but are we living out our faith untamed? It's time we get Christ out of that box we place Him in and open our eyes to all He has done, is doing, and will do. He just needs us to open our hearts and see Him for who He really is. The One who came and gave His life for us. That's pretty untamed to me. Living wildly for Christ is what it's all about.

I learned to surrender my anxiety and all my brokenness to find a real joy, a lasting joy, only found if I am willing to live an untamed life for Christ!

This book was a gift from Zondervan for it's review.


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