Saturday, June 25, 2011


Come take a journey through Georgia and into the heart of Chicago during the 1930's and meet the sweetest girls ever. Friends, I could not put this book down. The characters in this book were so real you simply fall in love with them. We follow the lives of two girls, Perri Singleton and Mary Dobbs, so different, but yet so alike. They come from two different worlds, but their hearts bond quickly.

Perri comes from a wealthy family. She has everything, where as, Dobbs, has very little in material wealth, but a vast supply of wisdom and heart. Their lives totally turn upside down. We see these precious girls go through loss, trial, separation, and most of all growth.

We see just how powerful God is through their lives. I just loved, Dobbs. This humble girl, has a passion for the Lord and wants to see everyone come to know Him. This is that girl that is wild about Jesus and ready to stand and shout the truth. The problem is, not everyone is ready for Dobbs.

Perri, is a sweet heart. She has had the life of privilege, but even wealth cannot keep tragedy from touching her life. Perri, finds what is really important. Friendship, love, romance, suspense, hope and faith. Through reading this story you will find out what the sweetest thing really is.

Brilliant, poignant, and sweet. This book makes you look deep into your own heart at where your treasure is. These girls have what it takes to change the world around them. This is a journey I promise you will love and treasure. This would be one of those of books to share with your daughter. I feel so blessed to have held these pages within my hands. Every character has a story to tell and Musser brings them to life. Musser, has that gift. That special gift to bring you to the heart of each character. Through them you are able to see deeper into your own heart.

This book was a gift from Bethany House for it's review.


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