Monday, June 20, 2011


Here is a question for you, "If you aren't planning to succeed, what are you planning to do?" Wow! What a powerful question to ponder. I do want to succeed. I want to succeed in all things Christ has for me. I have been blessed to have reviewed many studies, but this one by far is the most amazing study I have come across. You go, Krista! Yes, I am talking about, "Step Out And Take Your Place".

Have you ever picked up a study that asked many questions, but didn't really give the answers? Krista Dunk has put together this study that not only asks questions, but dives into each and every answer. I walked away from reading this book inspired and encouraged to step out in faith. So much fear has been holding me back. It's as though, Krista, is in your corner cheering you on throughout this entire book.

There is also a workbook that goes with this study. I can only imagine how awesome it is. I have never had a book that I have underlined so much in. Really, it's that good. Why is it good? This book deals with our gifts, our intimate relationship with Christ and reaching for ALL He has for us. We all have gifts. We just have to uncover them, which takes time. So, we gotta throw out all that stuff we are wasting time with and dig in, dive in to God's Word. Without Him we will never be all He has created us to be. With Him? The possibilities are unlimited!! Think about that. We have an unlimited pass for greatness to bring glory and honor to God. The God of creation. The God who created us. The God who gave us a creative mind! Yes, I learned all that by reading, "Step Out And Take Your Place".

Krista, shares a message, brings scripture to the forefront of this study, adds a prayer, has questions and my favorite part of all, affirmations. The affirmations section brings together everything in the chapter, giving you encouragement through God's promises to us. We are qualified in Christ Jesus!

Krista, also shares, "The Gift Discovery Cycle". Who knew? Through reading this chapter I have realized just where I am and know what I can work on to move forward in God's plan for my life. We begin with Frustration, Desire, Seeking, Awareness, Development, Renew, Share, Give Back, Maintenance and back to Frustration. We are forever going through this process. We are a work in progress.

I love how, Krista, shares stories of those she knows and helps us to realize, we are not alone. Her illustrations are brilliant. One powerful section for me was entitled, "Pressure to Conform or Expectations of Others".
1. Am I conforming to the expectations of others, rather than to God's will?
2. Does the image that others have of me match who God sees me as?
3. Will I bow to the pressures with what God has for me>
4. Am I strong enough to throw off unhealthy expectations that others try to put on me?
5. Can I say "No" to things I should not be doing?

These were powerful questions for me. I struggle in this area. Krista gives us key points to ponder over and lays every issue down for us to grow in or find the strength to let go of. This book is super-awesome! If your looking for that study that helps you identify who you are, your gifts and how to use them, this study is for you my friends. Krista is clearly teaching us to follow God's will, nothing more and nothing less.

This book was a gift from Krista Dunk for it's review.

Find more about Krista and her work check out this link:

I too have had the amazing pleasure of interviewing Krista. Check out our chat together by clicking on this link provided:


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