Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sins of The Past by Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason

Okay, a novel containing three masters at their craft all in one book! I have read everything penned from Dee Henderson and Lynette Eason. They are faves in the suspense genre, so I knew to only expect amazing reads from them. Dani Pettrey believe it or not is new for me. I've heard her penned works are amazing, but I have just not had the chance to review for her. Wow!! Turns out her novella was my favorite!!

I was instantly hooked with the intensity as Dee Henderson's, "Missing" began. It started fast paced and I was with the main character, John, the entire length of the story. Love the premise of this story and also the connection between John and Sharon. Dee is an artist when it comes to giving detail for the reader to imagine as if they are weaved within the pages having a front row seat. She is gifted at bringing out the best of each character and allowing you to truly care about them. 

In Pettrey's novella, "Shadowed", I couldn't read fast enough! I knew after reading the first pages that I would have to have more of this author. This story was perfection in every way. The connection between Ben and Libby was magical. Loved going back in time to 1979 to the intrigue of spies, murder,  and hidden messages. Being a newby to this writer I just truly enjoyed how she allowed these characters to come alive within these black and white pages. So much suspense weaved in this novella. Love how the writer filled her page limit to perfection!

In this last novella, "Blackout", by Lynette Eason we meet another great character, Macey. A crime has occurred and Macey cannot remember the account of this day. This selection was more in-depth for me. A story that was great, but let's face it, we are never happy to see an Eason book end, right? Once again we see a great connection between the characters here. I love how Lynette brings Chad and Macey together. I am astonished how Eason gives us so much within 130 pages! 

All of these stories are based on the sins of the past. How the sins of others touch our lives. No one is exempt from the sin of another blindsiding them. We have a choice when fear and anxiousness invades our lives. We can run or we can face it head on. These characters chose to face their circumstances head on with the strength and grace of God. Each of these characters looked to our Heavenly Father for support and they trusted Him to lead them to freedom, justice, and to a new peace of letting the past go and taking hold of the present He was now giving them. 

This is a great way to introduce yourself to these writers. You could read a story in one afternoon setting. Perfect for the rainy days of spring!

This book was a gift from Bethany House for sharing my review with you.


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