Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Wounded by God's People", written by Anne Graham Lotz

Every once in a while I am blessed to review a book that I know the Lord has sent my way for a purpose. Anne Graham Lotz has penned another blessed book, "Wounded by God's People". When I seen this book for review I accepted it graciously. The cover and title caught my attention. When it arrived I tore that brown paper off and began reading. I found the words found in the foreword by Beth Moore to be direct and bold, but filled with grace. 

"Discovering How God's Love Heals Our Hearts", is exactly what these pages gift us with. Anne doesn't throw the church under the bus. She has brought us a personal and touching story that every person can relate to. Whether you have been wounded or have been the wounder. We are people. We are sinners. She realizes the church is not God. The people of God may not always represent God in the way we should, but our response to those wounds inflicted can be. Wounds touch every family in one way or another. 

Anne shares personal wounds. Her words are not to stir anger in the church, but to bring healing. I love her openness. This is a subject many don't want to talk about. Wounded people wound people. Anne touches on every subject. Not only has she been wounded, but she too has been the wounder. She is transparent and so honest in these pages. It's like your having coffee with Anne. This book is inviting and brings hope. 

I must tell you that I have been wounded. Those wounds have been deep. I have forgiven, but those wounds rise up every now and then, causing even more pain. Tears dropped on these pages. This is a book for every wounded person. Maybe you haven't been wounded. This book is for you too. It's a book for everyone. Pastors, Sunday school teachers, leaders. If you have a relationship with Christ this is a must read. If you have never spent time with Jesus this book will not only guide you to a healing a heart, but in finding the healing grace of our Savior. 

Anne brings us the story of Hagar. I have read of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, many times, but Anne brought out aspects of Hager that I never realized before. She too shed a new light on Sarah and Abraham. Let's just say she brought the story of Hagar to life for me in such a new way I was able to relate to her in ways like never before. These are not just great words of wisdom from Anne. These are words of a wounded soul who found healing, forgiveness and grace. 

This book was a gift from Zondervan for sharing my review with you. 

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham, is the president and CEO of AnGeL Ministries, a nonprofit organization that undergirds her efforts to draw people into a life-changing relationship with God through his Word. Anne launched her revival ministry in 2000 and has spoken on seven continents, in more than twenty foreign countries, proclaiming the Word of God in arenas, churches, seminaries, and prisons. She is also the award-winning author of ten books, including her most recent, The Magnificent Obsession. www.annegrahamlotz.com


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