Tuesday, April 24, 2012

anything (the prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul) by Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen is a new author for me. She not only has written, "anything", but has created and penned two studies. Stuck and Chase. Studies that I would love to do!!

I opened the pages of this inspirational book and was floored by it's beauty. It's profound. It's lasting. It's powerful and yet gentle. From beginning to end it simply empowered my heart to know Christ more.

Are we willing to give up anything for God? In giving up are we losing the battle or are we gaining the victory? Oh friends, this beautifully written book shows us how to gain the victory by giving anything and everything to Christ.

"Anyone can get to heaven-no matter how messy his or her life. And by this same token, anyone can be kept out-regardless of all his or her fancy goodness."

"Our story began long before we prayed. The night we uttered the words was just a step in the process of surrender. But it was an important step. God wants to be invited in to lead our lives, for your heart to truly stand before God and say, "You have me. Do anything with me." That is a bold, beautiful move. Continuing to mean it daily as his will unfolds will prove even more powerful. Ask him to show you where he wants you to pour out your life and gifts and resources."

I could go on and on sharing my favorites of this book. Jennie pours herself into this book and shares her own life with us so that we can see perfection is not what we are after. It's simply a relationship with Christ. Surrendering to him allows growth in us as the Spirit moves.

I would say, this book would be a great read for a Sunday School class, a gathering of women to share, or just simply you and God. I devoured every page and am praying, anything for You, God. Anything.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson for it's review.


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