Monday, April 16, 2012

Special Delivery by Kathi Macias

Friends, Kathi Macias, is one of the most gracious and talented writers I know. She writes more than a story, she pens a message of hope. She brings passion within her words and stirs your heart to do more and be more for Christ.

In her latest installment of her, "Freedom Series", Kathi takes us on a new journey into a world many ignore. Most don't even realize it's happening and sadly, it's very true. Sex trafficking is heartbreaking and an evil of all evils that prevails in our world today. Not just our world, but in our own communities.

We meet Mara once again and the family who saved her from tragedy. We too meet new girls. Girls who will change your life as you read their story. Fiction, but very real. I must tell you, this was hard for me to read. I loved the hope it brings, but my heart aches for those touched by this evil. You cannot read Kathi's words and not realize this is happening today. Somewhere, today a child is being touched by this evil that needs to be stopped!

It's a story filled with hope. A story where God is very much present and moving in the lives of those willing to be His vessels. It's just heartbreaking to picture this happening in our world today as we sit in our comfortable homes, sipping our morning coffee, another young child is being kidnapped and held in slavery.

I applaud Kathi for penning such passionate and life changing stories. This is why God gives us gifts. So that we can use them for His glory and honor.

I have loved every book, I have been blessed to read, penned by Kathi. This series is no different. Excellence in story writing. This story will captivate your heart and bring you to your knees for those touched by this evil.

This book was given to me as a gift from Kathi Macias for it's review and is published by New Hope.


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