Saturday, April 28, 2012

Don't Be In A Hurry Today

Have you ever found yourself waiting on God to move? You know, just to do something? Change the situation? Just maybe He is waiting on us!

We have no patience for waiting. We want it now. We pray and we want answers. We want to hear where to go and what to do. There are those times God just simply wants us to be still and wait. Wonder why? In waiting, we learn patience. We learn it's not all about us. We learn everything good happens in God's perfect timing.

So many times I have tossed up a prayer and expected an answer right then and there. Goodness, who do I really think I am? Who am I to demand from God? Oh the patience He has had with me. Praise God for His uncondisional love.

You know those slow cookers we keep in our kitchens? Oh, I love them. You toss everything in and you wait. It's called a slow cooker for a reason. It takes it's time. Nice and slow and then after a while the aroma takes over the entire house. It fills your memory with home. It allows you room to just not concentrate on that one thing, but move onto other things that need your attention. You put a lid on and forget about it, knowing and trusting in a few hours or maybe later that evening, your senses will prove right and you will taste of joy.

Those Sunday drives are driven nice and slow for a reason. It gives you an opportunity to take in all the sights and sounds around you. It seems sometimes the slower we go the more we see. We see things we've been missing. We catch the view that is brand new and what happens? A new joy comes. A peace washes over us. We take it all in and store it in our memory.

That butterfly that has been in his chrysalis for a time now has learned in that perfect time it's wings will open and he will take flight for the first time. Beauty comes slowly and naturally. It's not a hurried process and that's our problem. We want it in the fast lane.

I have sun tea brewing out on the deck this morning. My husband loves it and devourers it as I pour him a glass. The longer I leave it out to brew the better it tastes.

Friends, are you tossing up prayers today? Are you awaiting your answer? Do you move or wait for God to move? God hears your prayers today. He knows your needs and as you pray, He wants you to trust Him, to believe in Him and His perfect timing. While we take the time to pray, He takes the time to mold us in wait of our answer. He is preparing us and in His preparing He is creating perfection.

Don't think you have to be in a hurry today. Take your time. Walk with Him. Enjoy the scenery. Take in the view that surrounds you. Don't allow your restlessness to overtake your thoughts. Allow His peace to wash over like a warm ocean wave. Just take it all in and know without a doubt, that answer from heaven is coming.

"Be still and know that I am God!"
Psalm 46:10a


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