Sunday, November 28, 2010

It really is a family

When I began this writing adventure I didn't know where the lord was taking it and you know, I still don't. But, one this is for certain. I am right where He is calling me. I am learning daily. Am I great at editing? Are you kidding me? I have much to learn. Do I have all my words in the perfect position? Nope, you can find them scattered just like my thoughts as I am pecking away. But, my heart is there in those words. Every word before you has been prayed over and pondered before I press publish.

There is something special the Lord has brought to me. A writing community. A family of inspiration. A gathering of people who have a gift and want to serve the Lord through words. Words that can touch a soul. Bring laughter. Add to growth. Making us take a closer look at ourselves and the Lord. Stories are shared, and scripture is pondered over. I have this group of writing friends who gives encouragement. They are cheering me on and guiding me through this journey of writing. A place that can be lonely at times as you are finding yourself through the words before you.

I am humbled to have people from all over the world reading my blog. I hear from people who share their stories of hope through struggle. It is an amazing blessing to see God work through the lives of those who just want to serve Him. I read blogs every morning and see the creativeness the Lord has gifted others with. I often find myself asking, "Are you sure, Lord? Is this what I am to do?" All it takes is a whisper from Him and I know I am right where I am suppose to be.

See, I believe in sharing. I also believe in simply listening. Through the lives of those around me I am seeing just how big God really is. For Him to use this simple girl to reach others for His kingdom is more than humbling. I stand before you with my hands outstretched at His mercies. I find myself in wonder of His greatness.

In writing you often wonder if you are reaching others. If you are making a difference. I am learning to simply write for my Lord. I am learning to seek Him more and He is teaching me  not to seek  the praise of others. Writing is a growing experience and sometimes what you see is not so pretty. Sometimes it is through writing that God shows you more of yourself. After you sit back and read what your fingers have typed in you now have that aha moment and praise goes to the Lord. A breakthrough has happened. The Lord opened your eyes to what He had for you on this very day.

I am so blessed to find myself surrounded by authors who have walked this journey for years and are able to teach me as I grow on this journey of writing. To you my friends, I say, thank you. I have been blessed with friendships that make my life sweeter each day. I am encouraged by you my friends. My cup is overflowing with gratitude for each and everyone of you who lift me up, pray for me, and share this journey with me.


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