Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My first moment with Him

Oh, He was calling. He was protecting. I didn't meet Him until I was twenty-four years old, but oh, did He know me right from the start. I was that girl searching everywhere for freedom. For reason and rhyme. I was trying to find myself and free myself at the same time. I first walked into a church with my husband. It was the man of my dreams that led me to the God of my life, Jesus Christ. I was sitting in church with my family. My husband and three children. As my daughters stood still beside me, I was holding my young son of year old. It was two weeks before Thanksgiving. As I sat in the pew I could feel this calling. This pulling. A tug if you will on my heart that I had never felt before. The Lord was whispering to my heart. He was speaking to me. Of all people, He chose me. He chose to love me and I chose to answer His call at this moment. I handed my son to my husband as my shaky feet moved forward. Inch my inch I made to the preacher. The preacher I still sit under today. I simply told him, "I want to be saved." He led to the Lord right there before everyone and under God. I imagine angels singing and harps playing. This girl that had lived for herself for twenty-four years was finally home, right where the Lord wanted me to be. Not only did I find my Savior on this day, but I found my church home. I would be baptized the next week, a week before Thanksgiving. My life has never been the same since I answered the Lord's call. Accepting Him has been my greatest gift. His life became my treasure. I no longer searched for something to fill me. I no longer searched for something to make me whole. He did all that the moment He entered my heart.


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