Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A beauty Refined by Tracie Peterson

As a sapphire must be mined to bring it to refined beauty so too do we as believers. It's removed from a place where it's beauty has been hidden away and brought into the light where it's transparent glory catches the eye of all who are blessed to capture it's beauty. 

This is a novel that could be a stand alone, but as a series with each novel read in order you get are blessed to capture more of the story as they all weave together to bring about a complete story.

Tracie Peterson does history better than most. She's in a league all of her own. I love how she dives in to learn the history that flows around the story spinning in her head. Because of her gift we are able to capture the details of the places and times, but experience them as the story leaps off the black and white pages. 

This novel flows easily. This is one of those novels that will leave you pondering. At least it did that for me. I pondered the abuse of women and children during this time in history. I felt that Peterson brought this to light in a powerful way. It was so hushed during this time. No one dare speak of it. Not even those being abused. For them it was about remaining quiet and allowing their bruises to heal. But we see these women move far beyond the chains of abuse that held them captive. We see life not only return, but renew before them. 

This is more than a romance novel. This novel carries many valuable lessons about trust, hope, and faith. There are many aspects of this novel that are certainly deep and are troubling, but I thought Tracie brought them to light in a powerful way. For me, too many romance novels are filled with fluff and perfectness. That just isn't life. I would prefer to read novels that run deep and take me to a place that leaves me pondering for days to come. 

This novel was a gift from Bethany House for sharing my review with you. 

Tracie Peterson's love for history and research fuels the bestselling stores she writes. She is the author of over one hundred novels and the recipient of the 2011 ACFW Lifetime Achievement Award. Tracie and her family live in Montana.


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