Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One More Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

Cathleen Armstrong writes in such a way that you feel she's sharing a personal story. You're able to connect with the characters because even as they are introduced, they feel like family. 

Her writing flows. Nothing fancy. No complications. No distractions. Just simple story writing that grabs your heart right off the bat. These are characters that we can relate to. They are written so well that we long to know more about them. Armstrong gives detail, but not so much so that the imagination has room to dream. 

I had the pleasure of reviewing the first in this series, "Welcome To Last Chance". (Check out my review) This series is entitled, A Place to Call Home. Once you begin to read the story, you understand why. We are all longing for home. Whether that is a place of the past we dream of or one we never quite had growing up. Home is where we are accepted and loved. It's not about who we are or what we can do. It's about the heart. Armstrong brilliantly shares this message. 

We all need a second chance at one time or another. Sometimes more than a second, but a third and a fourth. I love how Cathleen has brought together two main characters, Sarah, who is returning home and Chris, who is now making Last Chance, New Mexico his new home. Sarah likes things the way they are. Chris is wanting to change a few things and this makes Sarah really uncomfortable. I loved watching these two characters find their own. But they don't do it alone. They do so by the help of the loving people who call this town home. 

Is there really a normal or are things always changing? For these characters change is ever-present in their lives, just as it is in our own. That's what is so easy to relate to. Unless that change is good, it's scary when it happens. We're unsure of ourselves. 

I was excited to catch up a bit with Lainie from the first novel. I just LOVED her character. Seems there is always someone new coming to Last Chance. In this case, Chris is the new comer and Sarah is so sure about him. Although the story revolves around these two main characters there are many to fall in love with. 

But like with any small town it's hard to keep a secret. One of the characters loves to share her opinions, her thoughts and all the happenings, even when it is none of her business and has been asked not to share. LOL I love how Cathleen brings her character to light, because she is someone most of us can relate to. 

This is one of those sweet, afternoon reads that will make your heart soar. I do suggest that you begin with the first book in the series. Yes, this could be a stand a lone novel, but with reading, "Welcome To Last Chance", you will get a greater understanding of this remarkable town that has a gift for making people feel comfortable and accepted. 

This novel was a gift from Revell for sharing my review with you. 

Cathleen Armstrong is the award-winning author of Welcome to Last Chance. Though she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, her roots remain deep in New Mexico where she grew up and where much of her family still lives. Learn more at www.cathleenarmstrong.com


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