Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

Forever Friday is the latest novel released by Timothy Lewis. I enjoyed this novel immensely. Just to give you an idea of what it's about we see Adam Colby losing his marriage as he is discovering the the beauty of another couple's love journey of long ago. 

This is was a joyful and quick read. The words have an easy flow and writer Timothy Lewis has a gift for penning an inviting novel. The characters were sweet and memorable. 

I enjoyed the poems penned from a loving husband that devoted his life to his wife. Through their relationship we see that a marriage is more than giving of yourself. It's intentionally making time for one another. It's loving with grace. It's knocking yourself out for the one beside you and never taking a moment for granted. It's understanding past mistakes and finding strength for the days of struggle each marriage faces. 

I love walking away from a novel with a sweeter understanding not only about my walk with the Lord, but in this case, my husband. Don't you just love learning from the lives of others? 

See, Adam Colby has been gifted a job after an estate sale. He finds post cards and an old photo album where he discovers the love and life between Pearl and Gabe Alexander. I admire the character of Adam in the fact that he learns great life lessons from this couple he will never meet in person, but will carry with him for the rest of his life. It's as though he has walked tenderly with them. He feels that love will never find him again and he questions himself of failing once again. We see his character grow and for me, that makes for a great story. 

Pearl and Gabe were married in a time that seems far away from us now. In another time and place in 1926. We capture their story through Timothy's penned words. We get a front row seat into their early lives together when they first meet until they say goodbye. 

Friends, this is a wondrous story and one that leaves me to hope my legacy is just as sweet. 

This book was a gift from WaterBrook Press for sharing my review with you.

Forever Friday will be released September 3, 2013

TIMOTHY LEWIS is an author and playwright. He has authored more than twenty plays/musicals. In addition, he teaches a beginning novel writing class at West Texas A&M University and co-directs a summer writing academy. Timothy is also a professional speaker, cowboy poet, actor, and songwriter. He drew inspiration for Forever Friday from the postcards sent between his great-aunt and great-uncle over a period of sixty years. He lives with his wife near Amarillo, Texas.


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