Monday, February 21, 2011


There are those few books that you pick up and make an imprint on your life. Challenging you to be more. This is one of those books. One Thousand Gifts is a book to inspire us to be thankful. To give thanks. Ann writes with a poetic ability that just seems as though the words are like sweet honey upon your tongue. She shares stories from her life and those tragic days that seem to effect all families. But through these tragedies, Ann, shows God's grace, His goodness in all.

This book is a journey through giving thanks. The cover is what stole my heart, but it is the words that are long lasting. I am taking this challenge that Ann offers. I am now on my journey to write, to pen, one thousand things I am thankful for. Ann shares that in giving thanks we are worshiping God. We are praising Him in all His glory. In giving thanks we are growing and living as Christians. In giving thanks we find salvation, we find freedom from this world and all the evil that tries to attach itself to us.

On the cover it says, "Dare to live fully where you are." What a challenge. What a gift. This is a transforming read. Ann gives such insight to simple things we tend to take for granted and not see. Ann sees the gifts before her and is on a journey to live with purpose. This is a book that sets us on a course to finding God's manna through all circumstances that touch our lives.

I encourage you to grab this book up. It is one I am writing in and taking notes. It is one of those books that lifts us up out of the pit of pity and into the throne room where we find the presence of God in giving thanks for all.

This book was a gift from Zondervan for it's review.

Ann Voskamp is a writer with DaySpring (a division of Hallmark), a contributing editor to Laity Lodge’s The High Calling, and a global advocate for the poor traveling for Compassion International. With an educational background in psychology and education from York University and the University of Waterloo, Ann and her husband are farmers in the Mennonite countryside of southwestern Ontario, raising a half dozen kids, crops of corn, and the roof in praise. She writes every day about the everyday wonder every day at .

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