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The Study Bible for Women: HCSB Personal Size Edition, Yellow/Gray Linen by B&H Publishing Group

How awesome is this! A personal size women's study Bible! This Bible is gorgeous!  I wasn't sure what to expect with the cover being linen, but it's beautiful in a light gray/tan/yellow. The cover is nice and sturdy. This is perfect for being on the go. Maybe you love your study Bible at home, but would like something smaller to carry to church. This is a convenient size for a backpack or putting in your tote bag for the day. I think this one will be my traveling companion! This is even great to take for those doctor visits that seem to take forever. A great study Bible to keep at your desk at work. 
This personal size holds EVERYTHING the regular size women's study Bible contains. A surprise for me is that the print isn't too small. It's not much smaller than the print in my leather bound study Bible.
The inside is the same blue hue design and very inviting. This little gem is set to publish in August. You could pre-order now! It would make a great gift for yo…

Study Bible for Women HSCB Large Print and Indexed Hardback Edition by B&H Publishing Group

Now we have the best of the best in LARGE print!! How awesome to receive this study Bible in large print. Ladies, this is the hardback indexed study Bible in HCSB translation. If you take a peek at the site you will see you can also get in in teal/sage. This newest study Bible is being released in August. You can pre-order it now!
The large print is a great size and is so helpful for those of us that need a little extra for our peepers. I love sharing this study Bible because it is the best women's study Bible I have yet to see printed. It's gorgeous outside and the inside is so inviting with the light hues of blue.
This study Bible is loaded with goodies. I love spending time just studying the time lines and graphs. The word study is exceptional. It gives one an extra understanding of the Word when we can understand the Hebrew meaning and bring it all into context. 
One of the best features are all of the character profiles of the women of the Bible. They share so much inform…

A House Divided by Robert Whitlow

I am a huge fan of Robert Whitlow, so when I had seen his newest up for review I had to grab it. I have loved every single novel penned by this amazing writer, so I was waiting with high expectations. 
I love the story-line. The premise of the novel is complex. There's more than one basic story-line. This is the Whitlow that I admire. The main character, Corbin, is an attorney who has a passion for the law. He's old school. Much has happened in life and that has brought him to find a love for moonshine. I like how Whitlow has developed this character. He's one you just like. One of those good fellas you want to go fishing with and have on your side. That is until he can't show up because he has a hangover. 
His children are both attorneys as well. His daughter, Roxy, is very successful. She is driven and is a perfectionist. She's that character you admire for her hard work, but you really don't like because she has no room for patience or grace for anyone in h…

HCSB Study Bible, Mulberry LeatherTouch Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

I have three Bibles sitting beside my bed. An HCSB study Bible,  an HCSB Women's Study Bible, and a NKJV personal size study Bible. It simply doesn't get any better than a Holman study Bible. Take your pick. There's one that's perfectly created just for you. You can visit the H&B Publishing Group site for great photos and information on this Bible and others alike.

This is the HCSB study Bible in mulberry leather. This is a beautiful study Bible inside and out. Let's first begin with the outside. The soft leather of this Bible is mulberry with a delightful design through the middle. It has two ribbon markers, a deep purple and a lavender color. I love having a Bible that allows a bit of my personality to shine through. We want to pick out that perfect Bible that we will spend a lifetime studying. Our Bible is intimate. It's God's love letter to us, so why not pick out a fave color that's fun to share with others too.

This study Bible has everything …

Holman Study Bible: NKJV Edition, Eggplant/Tan LeatherTouch Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

If you are searching for a study Bible Holman is the place to find the perfect Bible for you! This is a beautiful selection. I love being able to share all of these study Bible with you! This eggplant/tan color is gorgeous. The leather is soft, the binding strong, the edges are trimmed in silver, and it's indexed for easy finding.  It also has two ribbons. Purple and tan that will help keep place for you to hold that last reading. That's just the outside! I know, some people may not care what the outside of their Bible looks like, and that's okay. I love a black leather Bible. Simple beauty. You too can find that at B&H Publishing Group. But I love having a Bible that expresses my personality. It is also a great invite for others to ask about your Bible and that gives you an opening to share all you have been learning. 
If you visit the B&H site you can check out all the info about this study Bible and more. Now let's talk about what's inside. What I love a…

Room of Marvels by James Bryan Smith

This is one of those novels where I must be careful not to share too much so when you pick up this marvelously penned novel there will be nothing to hold you back from being surprised. A surprise indeed. I am new to James Bryan Smith. The cover caught my attention. I didn't even read an excerpt. It simply looked inviting. I didn't know the blessing that was in store for me.

The writing is reminiscent of C.S. Lewis. Such wisdom and beauty weaved into a tale of truths that leads the reader to ponder as each sentence is absorbed. A novel that is tender, rich, and poignant. Forgiveness, redemption, and hope are entwined within these pages that hold a story that brings the reader to a whole new place in faith. Restored faith and a touch of the unknown coming into view and a dose of {everything} is possible with God.

The author of this novel was on overload. Three deaths so close together caused this man of faith to question everything, to grow angry, and to walk away from all that…

Following A Pattern

Quite a few months back I began meeting with a friend once a month learning a new stitch for an afghan. We were intentional about meeting. Too often friends say, "Let's get together", but then never do and miss out on tremendous blessings. We still meet once a month. Only now instead of learning a new stitch I get to show her an afghan I created because of her teaching. 
Over lunch we would take out our yarn and hook and begin the lesson. I have been crocheting for quite a many years, but have always just created in my own way, never going by a pattern. It was fun and lots of afghans and scarves came from my creative mind, but I was limited as to what I could create. There was so much more to learn. So, my friend taught me that if I could learn to read a pattern I could accomplish anything. 
She would bring along a pattern and I would watch intently as she showed me each stitch that would complete the pattern. I could pick it up quickly as long she was showing me, but on…

How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go to save your friend?
Would you run in a burning house to rescue them from the flames?
Would you leap over the bridge in hopes of bringing them ashore?
Would you run across desert sand just to reach for their hand? 
Would you lay down your own life?
Jesus would.
Jesus did.
He did it for you and for me. He gave all. He didn't have to. But love gave Him reason. Heaven gave Him cause and His Father gave Him strength.
He crushed the enemy. He is the sword that keeps him at bay. His grace surrounds us each moment as His tender mercies continue to flow. Through Him we find victory. We find life. We find love. Meaning, hope, and security. He is our purpose. He is our forever friend.
Do you know Him? I mean, do you really know Him? He is our faithful Savior who gave His life for yours. Seek Him today. Surrender to Him now. Don't wait. Don't think you can make it all on your own. If you don't know Jesus your missing so much. Maybe you know Him and yo…

A Sanctuary Found

It's a cool Missouri evening. This is unusual for us in July, so I want to take full advantage. With my bucket hat upon my head, I grab my pen and paper and pop a seat on the front steps of our deck. 
I'm taking in everything around me. What is it that You, want me to see, Lord? I spy four bunnies feasting on greens in our garden. A mixture of multi-colored cows graze in the pasture across from us. I hear a tractor near by cutting hay for the winter feed. 
Our trees are alive with a variety of birds. I know of two nests. One in back under our deck. This momma bird is a smart one to place her nest so perfectly protective. Five baby birds feed throughout the day as momma and daddy take turns. I expect to see an empty nest any day now as they are getting bigger than the nest. This is the second nest of babes for this momma and daddy. Maybe a third will grace our summer. 
Another is in the front, perched under the leaves so tenderly in our Red-bud tree. A tiny baby wren waits as …

Cowardly Heart of Love

It will be two years this coming Halloween that we had to say goodbye to our seven year old Dachshund, Daisy. From the moment my husband and son gifted me with this precious pup I was in love. Just didn't know how much a pup could change me, teach me, and bring such joy to my life. 
I've written about Daisy many times. She was not only smarter than most people I know, she was funny contagious. Her personality shined through every antic and her heart shown mighty big through each time she stayed near my side when I wasn't feeling good. I tell you, that pup knew when a migraine was about to hit. 
She loved without fault. She knew no limit of time. When we left the house, no matter for ten minutes or three hours, when we returned it was like we had been gone for months. I still can't think of her without a smile and a tear ready to fall. I never knew it was possible to miss a pup so much. But for those seven years she graced our home we were side by side. Everything thing…

Five Brides by Eva Marie Everson

I was delighted with Eva Marie Everson's newest release! I'm a huge fan and always expect a blessing, but this novel went far past my expectations. It is thus far my fave of Everson's writings. This girl is definitely carrying her gift with the intent on not only sharing a great story that captures the heart, but sharing the gospel and a faith for the soul. She is extraordinary in giving the reader an opportunity to not only meet the characters, but fall in love with them. I notice it even more so in this selection. She brings the characters penned on black and white to life. She gives enough detail to allow the reader to have the feeling they are present and leaves enough room for the imagination to soar. I'd say for sure that Eve Marie Everson is a true word weaver!
This story is genius. It could be described as similar to girlfriends sharing a pair of jeans, but it's so much more! These girls all come from different backgrounds, come together, and purchase a wed…