Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Study Bible for Women HSCB Large Print and Indexed Hardback Edition by B&H Publishing Group

Now we have the best of the best in LARGE print!! How awesome to receive this study Bible in large print. Ladies, this is the hardback indexed study Bible in HCSB translation. If you take a peek at the site you will see you can also get in in teal/sage. This newest study Bible is being released in August. You can pre-order it now!

The large print is a great size and is so helpful for those of us that need a little extra for our peepers. I love sharing this study Bible because it is the best women's study Bible I have yet to see printed. It's gorgeous outside and the inside is so inviting with the light hues of blue.

This study Bible is loaded with goodies. I love spending time just studying the time lines and graphs. The word study is exceptional. It gives one an extra understanding of the Word when we can understand the Hebrew meaning and bring it all into context. 

One of the best features are all of the character profiles of the women of the Bible. They share so much information about these women that can still impact our lives today. We can learn so much from these women and the profiles give us a glimpse into their life. 

There are information bits of Doctrine throughout the Bible as well. Such as faith, incarnation, Holy Spirit, church, church government, church leadership, repentance, stewardship, and so many more. We all have questions and this study Bible leads us to finding the answers we don't ask in Sunday school. There too are sections of Hard Questions that many times we ponder and never ask. Hard questions like; Does prayer work?, Did Paul hate women?, Can a true Christian lose her salvation?, Does the Bible really condemn homosexuality?, Is God's sovereignty compatible with your freedom to choose?, and so many more hard questions that are answered in not only from a person's perspective, but using scripture and applying God's Word to the question. 

I can get lost in the maps and reconstructions. They give such a vivid glimpse into the times of the Word in which we are studying that it brings me to ponder the Word even more. Love it!! 

You can find all of this information in the back of the Bible for easy finding along with the concordance which is super amazing! It's the largest concordance I have found in a study Bible. So much valuable information that leads us to hours of wonderful study in the Word. When we have the tools needed there is nothing stopping us from uncovering all that the Lord has for us to learn and grow into the women He has created us to be. 

There are so many different ways to study this Bible. Each day I love adding a chart to my morning study. I love doing a character profile. The maps are vivid and readable giving us room to ponder how long travel took, and just where everything is in location to other areas. 

There are charts giving us information on the numbers in scripture, days of creation, demons, Jesus' Disciples, the Be-attitudes for women, and so many more! Another great aspect of this study Bible is the Bible Womanhood features. These alone could be a great devotional time! And let's not forget the introduction to each Book of the Bible. Again, they are jam-packed with great information to really help us understand the time, the meaning, and the writer. 

In the front of the study Bible you will find places where you can keep dates and memories to pass down to those you love. One page that is wonderful is a page where you can list your spiritual mothers, their spiritual gift, and scripture passage. I absolutely LOVE this feature!! This is truly a study Bible you are going to love!!

This Study Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you. 


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