Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Study Bible for Women: NKJV Edition, Printed Hardcover by B&H Publishing Group

Okay, if you keep up with my reviews you know I am a HUGE fan of B&H Publishing Group and the Holman study Bible, especially the Women's Study Bible. I have been super blessed to review this Bible in the HCSB translation and now I am so excited to have it in the NKJV translation!! These are my two favorite translations and to have them both makes my study extraordinary.

This is the hardback version and I must say I am really impressed. Hardback usually isn't something I go for. My preference is leather, but this hardback is gorgeous inside and out! I'm not a huge fan of purple, but this purple works so well and is so inviting. The soft purple hues on the inside are delightful.

If hardback isn't your first choice there are many different beautiful editions of this study Bible in this translation that are coming out soon. I encourage you to visit B&H to check out all of your choices. You are bound to find the perfect Bible for you.

Now, why do I love this study Bible so much? It literally has everything under the sun for a great study. Word studies and hard questions bring the reader to ponder the Word. The essays give us great wisdom on many different subjects. There are over 6,400 study notes. The book introductions are spectacular and full of information. What I love the most are the character profiles and the charts!! The time lines are also a great feature. These are tremendous for giving the reader every possible tool for understanding scripture.

I love how this study Bible brings the reader to have a better understanding of time and place. With all the information given it gives the reader a great visual for learning. One could make a study out of the character profiles and the charts. Full color maps are a delightful aid too. Everything about this study Bible is amazing. This study Bible has many outstanding features. The concordance is a super aid in finding scripture on specific subjects.

If I were searching for a women's study Bible as a gift for my daughters this would be the study Bible I would gift them. This would make for a wonderful Christmas gift! I have had the pleasure of reviewing many different women's study Bibles and non compare with the Holman Study Bible for Women. Take your pick in the translation. Whatever choice this is the best of the best.

This Study Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you. 

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