Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Study Bible for Women Sky Blue & Deep Red-Indexed by B&H Publishing Group

Okay, I get to share another AMAZING Study Bible with all of you! It is so wonderful of B&H Publishing Group to allow me to share such a vast array of Bibles with all of you. You are sure to find the perfect Bible just for you by visiting their site at B&H Publishing Group. You can also go to the links I've provided and download a sample. 

Here is another Study Bible for Women. I can tell you right off the bat that this Bible is the BEST Study Bible for women I have yet to read. It is truly the best of the best. 

You can find it in the hardback version (which I love), genuine leather, leathertouch, or and you are sure to find the perfect color combination that you love. Soon they are coming out with this Bible in large print and in the compact version! I believe they come out in August. There too are other new Bibles coming out so make sure you check that out!!

This Study Bible for Women is in HCSB translation, which is my absolute favorite. It is indexed and that's a great tool to have for easy finding. The colors are very pretty. It's a light/sky blue and a bit of dark red on the edging, along with a dark red ribbon to match. The edging on the pages is in silver. 

Now for the inside! This is absolutely gorgeous. The pages are a very light blue and white with some flowering/leafing around the pages. I share this because it's so inviting. It's just lovely in every way possible. 

The concordance is outstanding. There too are bullet notes, which is super helpful in study. One of the best features is the Greek/Hebrew word study. You will find maps and reconstructions, hard questions, doctrine, charts, character profiles, and biblical womanhood. Seriously, this study Bible holds everything for a women's study. Subjects that give us a pondering to go deeper. One of my favorite aspects of this Bible are the character profiles. Oh my, they share so much information on the women of the Bible, which is so helpful for women today. Yes, we have LOTS in common with the women of the Bible. The timelines are another great tool. Again, if you want to dive in and study, this is a tremendous Bible to plunge into for hours at a time. I have a difficult time putting my Bible down. Yes, it's that awesome!!

In the character profiles we learn their background, their story, and life lessons we can learn from their experiences. The Biblical Womanhood sections touch on subjects we rarely even speak about in Sunday school class. There is just so much here that can aid in our learning and growing journey with the Lord.

The word studies are extremely helpful. Once we understand the Greek/Hebrew meaning of words we use today it can help us understand the word context. 

This study Bible comes beautifully wrapped and boxed. It would make a wonderful gift for a special woman in your life. It too is a study Bible for all ages of women. A great study Bible for a Sunday school class or a study group. It truly holds so much. Each time I open it I find something new that grabs my attention. 

I know it's one you will just love. 

This Study Bible was a gift from B&H Publishing Group for sharing my review with you. 


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