Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Sparrow in Terezin by Kristy Cambron

Kristy Cambron is a writer that brings  present day together with late 1930 into 1940s history. Let me begin with this. 15,000 children were to believed to enter into Terezin. Fewer than 100 ultimately made it out. When I read those words it floored me. I knew very little about Terezin before reading this novel. As I was beginning to read I watched a PBS program about Terezin and it opened my eyes to a time and place we should never forget. 

This is the second book that Kristy Cambron brings us of her series: A Hidden Masterpiece Novel. The first novel, The Butterfly and The Violin was the most beautiful novel I have read in years. {check out my review}. It was one that I wanted to keep turning pages, but also one that I couldn't read without taking my time and absorb every morsel. This novel continues in that same beauty. If you are a lover of World War II history Cambron is your girl. What a gift she has in bringing past and present together in the telling of two stories and combining them so brilliantly into one. Her passion is penned within each page. 

This novel continues the story of present day with Sera and William. Now newly married we learn more of their story as Kristy so masterfully takes us back in time to meet Ka`ja Makovsky and other unforgettable characters. This novel comes to life as Kristy adds magnificent detail, describing not only the era, but the heart of each character. You are able to feel the emotion and your heart is left wide open to embrace every scene. I hoped and dreamed with these characters.

Once again the cover detail is beautiful and inviting. This is a novel you will love and embrace with tears. As I read this beautiful novel it gave me time to look within my heart at the graceful workings of our Master who is forever with us and leading us to the life He designed for us. These characters are memorable and will make an impact on the reader. We see faith grow and faith new blossom as those who live in their faith show the love of a mighty Savior. This is a truly unforgettable novel and one that you will share with lovers of great reads. This will be a classic for years to come. Before you read this novel I would suggest that you first read, The Butterfly and The Violin. It will give you a greater connection with the characters as we journey with them again. 

This novel was a gift from Thomas Nelson for sharing my review with you. 

Kristy Cambron has been fascinated with World War II since hearing her grandfather's stories. She holds an art history degree from Indiana University and has fifteen years industry experience as a corporate learning facilitator and communications consultant. Kristy writes World War II and Regency fiction and placed first in the 2013 NTRWA Great Expectations and 2012 FCRW Beacon contests. Her debut novel, The Butterfly and the Violin, was nominated for the RT Reviewers' Choice Awards' "Best Inspirational Novel" of 2014. Kristy makes her home in Indiana with her husband and three football-loving sons. 


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