Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Holy Conviction

As a Jesus girl I always want to magnify His name. I want to live in such a way that my life points directly to Him, but that isn't always so. Daily as I strive to seek Him I make a mess of things. You too? 

I'm never going to be perfect in myself. I'm a sinner in need of grace. Just like you I want to be the girl He is creating me to be. But that battle with the flesh is real as real can be. Whoever says that Christians are not attacked by Satan has gotten it wrong. In fact, I find the closer I grow to Jesus the more attacks come. 

The closer I grow to Him, the more I am able to see these attacks for what they are. Of course, Satan cannot touch my soul. I am sealed as an heir of the King! My soul is untouchable. My life therefore is not. Satan and his minions are out there wanting to destroy every possible opportunity and want to bring me down to a point where I no longer see Jesus in my life, but all I see is the unworthy girl who is no good. 

Recently I prayed that the Lord make me aware of any places, any strongholds, in my daily walk that needed removed. A few days went past and I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and say, "Daughter, for only I am holy." There I was stunned before His words. "Lord, I know that You alone are holy." But He wouldn't give up. There was something He wanted me to see. Later that day I got it! Don't you love when you ask God to show you something huge and He makes Himself known? 

I was watching television and as I seen something that caught my eye I said, "Holy Moses!!" And there it was. I felt my soul move and I knew right there what He was saying to me. My heart was convicted. I had been using the word {holy} very loosely. Some of phrases included, "Holy cow!", "Holy crap on a cracker", and "Holy mackerel!!" I would see, hear, taste, smell, whatever that captured my senses and out would come phrases. I never thought much about it. That is until the Holy Spirit convicted me. 

He alone is holy. My Jesus is holy. There is nothing on this earth holy as is my Jesus. And in my words I was making other things holy in comparison without regard for His holiness. I can tell you that this broke my heart. I was before my Jesus, broken and asking Him to forgive me and to make me aware every single time these phrases escape my mouth. 

That is exactly what He has done! To others this may not be a big deal. You may be thinking, Rob, they are just words. But friends, I asked Him to reveal in me what needed removed or changed. To Him this is a deal. In my life this is a big deal. I have caught myself saying these phrases and immediately ask Jesus to forgive me and I too thank Him for making me aware. Just yesterday I was talking with my husband and started to speak the words, "Holy Moses", but before the words were out the Spirit caught my heart and guarded me. I smiled to my husband and said, "Whoops, I'm trying hard not to say those phrases", and I rephrased my words. 

What I want is to be obedient to my Jesus. I don't always follow in the steps He has provided. Oh, I falter so many times. My mouth gets ahead of me and before I have thought my words through there they go out of my mouth. My temper can erupt. I know you are there with me, friends. I'm not alone in my daily attempt to be the girl Jesus is calling me to be. Right now at this very moment I may be a bit closer and with those words I share a humble heart before you, knowing that in the next moment I can slip just as easily. See, I can't strive to be perfect. I could, but what a let down that would be.  What I can do is strive to be obedient to my Jesus. In that, the blessings will flow.

"I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6


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