Saturday, April 26, 2014

Songs of the Shenandoah by Michael K. Reynolds

I just closed the last page of, "Songs of the Shenandoah", and let me tell you, I do so without dry eyes. This was one of the most precious and extraordinary novels I have yet to read. This is why people fall in love with books. Michael K. Reynolds is brilliant! After reading the first two books in this series, I can tell you that this third treasure is my absolute favorite of all! 

This series is a penned masterpiece. A classic for years to come. Stories such as these do not just appear. They are created by one who has been gifted with telling a story. Not just any story, but one that is filled with everything one can imagine. Michael K. Reynolds has closed this series with a magical journey into the past. 

I couldn't read fast enough. Every page spills over with such intensity. My heart was being tugged in every direction. These characters are unforgettable. We see them at their weakest moments, struggling to find themselves in the midst of a time past that held such tragedy. We see the ugliness of war. But we see so much more. We see the beauty from ash. We hear the song in their heart. We see a strength that is greater than any man can carry on his own. We are gifted to complete our journey with the Hanley family. 

Honor, integrity, and faith. These are the things in which these characters are made of. They are rich beyond gold nuggets. They carry a song in their heart as they travel into the valleys and up through the mountains to a new life beyond anything they could have ever imagined. 

Of course, Clare, is a favorite character of mine, but I so loved and admired, Seamus. In this last book of the trilogy I too grew to admire, Davin. But, there is another character that I grew fond of. Muriel is a character I didn't expect. I guess you could say that what I loved most about this book was the unexpected. So many characters battling wars within themselves. We see them grow in faith and we are blessed to see them soar beyond the lines that war had drawn, into a freedom they didn't know was obtainable. 

I hope you take a peek at my reviews, "In Golden Splendor", and "Flight of the Earls". Yes, each of these books could be read as a stand alone, but you would miss out on so much. I suggest you read them in order. Friends, you are in for a wondrous journey into Ireland and Immigrant America. The Civil War is the backdrop for this spectacular piece. You will find love, romance, suspense, intrigue, and so much more. This is a series that has left me with so much to ponder. If there was only one series you had time to read this year, I would suggest that this be that series. This Irish girl loved each and every page! I cannot wait to see what is next for this superb writer!

This book is a gift from B&H Publishers for sharing my review with you. 

Michael Reynolds is the writers and producer of Emmy and Telly Award-winning film campaigns with more than two decades of experience in fiction, journalism, copywriting, and documentary production. He owns marketing agency Global Studio and is also an active leader in church and business, speaking in both ministry and corporate settings. Michael lives with his wife and three children in Reno, Nevada. 


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