Friday, December 27, 2013

Into The Free by Julie Cantrell

"Into The Free", is a book that left me wanting more. This novel is exceptional in every way. Julie Cantrell is a new author for me. I am now reading the second book in the series, "When Mountains Move". This book takes you on a journey beginning the year of March 1936. The depression has hit everyone hard. Mississippi is where we find the main character Millie Reynolds.

Julie's writing is superb. The detail she shares and how her words flow invites the reader to join her along the journey. This is a book that will bring you to experience every emotion.

The characters are real and each carries a burden of the past. Secrets haunt the soul. Each are wanting to leave the past behind and experience life in the present but as we see that is easier said then done.

Millie is full of life and promise. She imagines a world different of her own reality. She yearns for family and love. What I love about her is the fact that she isn't giving up on hope.This is her faith journey. She knows God is real, but just maybe He has forgotten about her. As we see she finds that Jesus is more than real. He has been present in her life all along. He catches her when she falls and picks her up when she stumbles. She learns she carries a strength beyond her own.

I must tell you this is the best book I have read all year. This is more than a novel. In reading you can see that Julie poured her heart and soul into this creation of beauty. Julie connects each character with purpose and plan. Each life having meaning beyond what they are able to see with their own eyes.This is a gripping novel. Julie touches on many issues that are deep within each character.

One aspect that I love is that Millie finds her voice. She continues to grow. Each time she is knocked down she gets back up again. She is refusing to be in fear of life. She wants to embrace life, but she questions the good of people. Trusting is difficult for Millie. Loss has touched her life at such a young age. But with each step Millie learns more and more about her self and the God she has questioned.

We clearly see that God uses ordinary people for extraordinary things. This novel is a canvas for so many life lessons. I have loved traveling this journey with Millie. This is one novel that will not disappoint you. I couldn't wait until each night when I could simply curl up and spend time in Mississippi with Millie.

Millie's life is reality for many during this time. It was as though I was standing in the kitchen as Millie's father beat her mama. I was nestled up high in the tree while she was dreaming deep into another world. Each and every moment of this story was sheer beauty. If your looking for a winter read choose this novel. Into The Free is a book that brings us to feel compassion. I wanted to bring Millie home with me. I hated to see her go through so much as such a young age. But the Lord has more in store for Millie. She made it through the fire by the grace of God. He places people in Millie's life that bring her to the point that she sees Jesus for who He is. Her Redeemer.

Good and evil battle throughout this novel. Millie questions everything. There are times she finds the answer and others she must learn to trust the Lord. I encourage you to watch the trailer below and take a peek at Julie's site. 

This book was a gift from David C. Cook for sharing my review with you. 

Learn more about Julie Cantrell by visiting her site


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