Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Love That Goes Beyond A Black Friday Event

We love words like, Black Friday. A shopping expedition. A search for that perfect gadget to fill our home. Me personally, I haven't been out on Black Friday. I'm just not a huge crowd person. Thought about traveling out, but I just couldn't bring up the courage.

We search for the biggest bargains. Cheap is what we want. We want to fill our homes with stuff and begin that great adventure of Christmas shopping. We spend a huge amount of time presearching for the sales so we know exactly where to go. Some even camp out for that one and only gadget they have been dreaming of.

I love to hear the words, "Lets to shopping" as much as the next girl. Which there are a few guys out there who could out shop us all. I'm afraid, my words of "Lets go shopping" at times over shadows the words, "Jesus loves you". I often wonder when I stand in front of the Lord one day, which of these two phrases is going to be spoken more from my mouth. I need to be leading my family and friends more to the Lord than the express lane with filled bags of bargains. Isn't it more important to lead them to a life of outragious love and unlimited resources of grace?

Now, this is all and good, but we are missing something here. Instead of a Friday search what about a heart search? Salvation is free!! It's the only free gift worth having and one that we simply don't deserve. It's a gift that is life long. No batteries needed. I guarantee you will not seek out a refund for this one.

Those new sweaters will fade. The gadgets will be replaced by next years upgrade. The soles on those new boots will wear down. Most of what we purchase will be tossed out next year to make room for more. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that shopping is bad or Black Friday is a day we should pass up. It can be enjoyed greatly. I'm just saying, what if we did more of what we were here to do? There is no upgrade. The salvation of the Lord will never have to be replaced. It brings eternal life. That was purchased for us through our Savior, Jesus Christ, who buy the way, paid in full. There is no debt for us to pay. He just wants us to accept His gift. From there He will show us what life is really about and it has nothing to do with a sale aisle.

This is a gift we can share. A gift worthwhile that shares a deep and passionate love. It goes beyond today. It's a legacy to leave behind. A heirloom if you will. One to pass down to generations to come. This is something that can't be purchased on line or in the two hour check out.

What if we simply spent as much time seeking our Savior as we did for that perfect object to fill our home? Revival would break out. Lives would change. But first, we must surrender our wants and our self seeking ambitions. For some this is too difficult. Sadly, I was once that girl seeking in every direction for that object to bring me the greatest joy ever felt. The problem was I was searching in all the wrong places. This gift cannot be found in a package. No Walmart bag carries this heirloom that can change our lives.

What if we spent as much time searching the pages of God's Word, His love letter to us, as we did the aisles of our favorite shop? What if shared with our family and friends the love of Christ as easily as we do that sale on Saturday? We are missing a great opportunity, friends.

If we are real, most of us don't have the money or means to be shopping in the first place. We go overboard and then wonder at the end of the year why our purchases have exceeded our bank statement. We want what the eye sees. We want what our neighbor has. We see that girl with the cutest boots ever and just know we must have a pair. Guilty as charged.

Is it wrong to shop? No, not at all. I'm just saying there is something much greater and holds a deeper value than that gold locket at Kay's jeweler. There is more to life than that humongous television screen. If this was such a wondrous day would we really see people on the news trampling others and threatening to stab people if they get in their way? We need a Savior, and He isn't found on any shelf 50% off.

His love is greater than any other. It's lasting. Life altering and most of all, life giving. Isn't it time we simply had a day of surrender? What about giving to others? What if we stopped looking for what our eyes need and looked to our neighbor for their need? What if we made a little extra food and shared it with a neighbor in need? Purchase an extra gift for a family who has nothing under their tree?

Sharing the gospel isn't so much done with a Bible in our hand and shouting what is to come if one doesn't repent. If the Lord calls you to do so, follow Him without doubt, but until then, the gospel is shared through our lives. Through our actions. People see Jesus in the words we use and the hand open. The world needs to see more of Jesus. Long ago a Christian was recognized easily. Not so much today. We look more and more like the world and that isn't what God intended at all. We should be living in such way that the world sees something in us like nothing they have ever seen before. It's a love that goes beyond.

"For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world that He might condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him." John 3:16-17


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