Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lord Make A Way

She begins by calling each child. Before the numbers are punched, the prayers are quietly said.
"Lord, make a way."

Her home, now empty nest, is filled with her husbands words of encouragement. "They will come, Darling. The Lord will make a way." She isn't sure if his words are to comfort her or to encourage his own hurting heart.

Oh, the holidays past. Such joy and laughter they hold. Memories quickly come to mind and bring a smile to the heart.

For the past few years it's been a table set for two. Gracious and sweet are their days together, but this season of Thanksgiving they are hoping for a table of seven.

As soon as she hears the voice of her children on the other end of the line, tears quickly form. Her words begin to wobble and she must take a moment to come back.

"Lord, make a way."

She on one end, her husband on the other, they hear the voices of their children. The invite is given and the words of, "Mom, we will try", are hard to hear. Will the Lord make a way? Will they come? Her heart is eager to see them. Their home has been missing them.

Each child now has their own family. Children and a career. A happy home. She couldn't be more grateful. She has done her job well. She has taught them the gift of thanksgiving.

Her prayer is still upon her lips as she makes that last call.

"Lord, make a way."

They have always shared this day with thankful hearts, but something is different this year.

"Lord, make a way."

The doctor read the report and it was not what was expected. The unexpected has now touched them. The doctor goes on as if there is no turn off switch. They hear the words, "A few months".

"Lord, make a way."

Not the words they will share. Not now. Her husband takes her hand. Kisses her tenderly and says, "The Lord will make a way". They are thankful for their forty-four years together. But who doesn't wish for one more?

She begins planning the dinner on, "Mom, we will try", believing without a doubt, "The Lord will make a way." Preparations are made. Shopping lists created. To do lists drawn out. New recipes and old alike will be prepared. Candles and music. A table setting from a fairy tale is what she envisions.

She has taken on a new joy as never before. A thankfulness not quite like any other. She looks forward to each task and nothing is a job too big, but each one is a sweet remembrance of her love. She goes about each one as never before. Yes, before she would complain of the work. So much cooking and not enough help. Not now. No more.

She wonders why it took her so long to come to a true thankful heart. One that is pure and sincere. Why did she always look to this day as work to be done instead of a joy to partake? Her lists are expanding and she is growing tired.

"Lord, make a way."

Her husband is by her side. He is preparing next to her. They are breathing in each moment.

The day has come. It has arrived. The stir of gravel is heard. She smiles. He says, "Lets go". She removes her apron and they head to the front door. Not the usually hurried walk, but it's as though each step has a new timing. A new purpose.

A peace has covered their home. A hedge of protection and love. God has blessed them with family. They have each made their way home. The Lord did make a way. The doors slam shut as the grandchildren run out. Standing on the deck they hear, "Nanny! Pa Pa!" It's as though they are hearing the words for the first time. Nothing escapes their senses. Their hearts are taking it all in. No more are the hurried days.

Today they will celebrate thanks with a new song in their heart. Not one of sorrow. But one of joy. One of true thanksgiving. A celebration of life lived and life given.

The table is set. The kitchen a mess. The candles are burning. The pies are cooling. The turkey is almost ready to serve.

She has a new gentleness when she wraps her arms around her grandchildren. She looks into the eyes of her children with a new hope. She cherishes each moment with a new grace.

Cheers can be heard over the football game. Banter from the grandchildren brings her to think back when. "Lord, help me. Give me strength."

Turkey is ready to be sliced. The mashed potatoes served with grandma's gravy. Everyone is eyeing the table as they all take a seat. Before the dishes are passed, the blessing will be given. They take the hand of the one seated next to them. They all listen as their father gives thanks. Tears glisten as his heart is full with thanks.

Before the laughter begins as the stories of old are shared, she speaks with a new tradition. "Let us all share why we are thankful this year." Everyone lights up. They are eager to share. The grandchildren shout out, "Me Nanny, Me, Me go first". That is one thing their family has always done well. Give thanks.

"I'm thankful for my Nanny and Pa Pa."

"I'm thankful for my mommy and daddy."

"Well, mom and dad, I'm thankful for the years of love you have given."

They continue to give. They even go back and say, "Can I share more Nanny?" She looks at her family with such pride. Such love.

She speaks with her soft voice, "I want to share a prayer of blessing".

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace." (Numbers 6:24-26)

What a beautiful day it has been. A day of love and shared thanks to the Lord they love and serve. She asks, "I pray each year this blessing will be said and each year a new thanks will be added."

The day is closing to an end. What a glorious day they have shared. The Lord did good. He brought them all together. He made a way just as He always had and will do. Tonight she will have much to share with the Lord. But for now she soaks it all in and prays that her legacy speaks Jesus. She prays her love will remain for years to come. May they always remember the love.

Lord, give us Your grace and peace this Thanksgiving. May this season hold new tradition and promise. May we share this day in hope and love. May we give and may we serve with joyous hearts. May we take time with those we love. There is enough hurry in the world today. Let us celebrate with happy hearts. May we love as if there is no tomorrow. May we forgive as if we only have today. Help us to slow down, taking time to give thanks, and to embrace what is really important in life. May we breathe in all You have for us today and celebrate Thanksgiving with a new heart and a new focus that will last for years to come.

Lord, thank You, for making a way.

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