Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Loree Lough as brought us the second installment in, "The First Responders Series", entitled, "Honor Redeemed". Now, before we begin, I would encourage you to begin with book one in the series, "From Ashes To Honor". I have had the great pleasure of reading both of these titles and I can tell you that they are at the top of my favorites list!

If you have read the first book and got to those last pages and thought, "Wait, it can't end like this", don't worry. We get to see, Mercy and Austin, return along with with more amazing characters. Just a hint.. your going to love their story! 

Now we are introduced to Honor Mackenzie and Matt Phillips. Once again, I fell in love with these characters. Yes, Loree, takes us through the journey of those lives touched by 9/11. We see the scars left behind and the struggles these characters must overcome.

Book two is just as AWESOME as book one in this series! I love how Loree names her characters to fit the story. We meet, Honor, in this book and she comes across as being tough and hard. We soon understand why. Both, Honor and Matt, come with pasts that seem to hold them back from trusting and letting go. Honor is a huge theme in this story.

Again, Loree, brings these heroes to life right before our eyes. We see them at work and we see how their job isn't just a job, but a part of them. They almost define themselves by the service and sacrifice they give. Honor works with Search and Rescue and Matt is a reporter, with a background as a First Responder. When they meet you would think they were worlds apart, but they have much more in common than they realize.

Once again, Loree, takes us on a journey through the depths of pain and into the days of joy. We see these characters come to life before our eyes. Loree has the gift of allowing us to feel what the characters are experiencing. This story brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

If you haven't picked up a book written by Loree Lough yet, you are missing out, my friend. She is gifted with the pen and you will not soon forget the pages that bring faith alive.

Watch for book three,"A Man of Honor" out in fall of 2012.
This book was a gift from Abingdon Press for it's review.

Loree Lough:
In addition to more than 70 books in print, Loree Lough has coauthored the devotional Be Still . . . and Let Your Nail Polish Dry. Loree’s articles have appeared in major newspapers and magazines, and she is a regular columnist for Christian Fiction Online. Loree lives near Baltimore with her husband and a ‘fraidy cat’ rescue dog.
Enjoy the book trailer!!


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