Friday, December 2, 2011


Here is what Tyndale says about this book:

For more than 25 years, The Christian Writer's Market Guide has been the most comprehensive and highly recommended resource on the market for Christian writers, agents, editors, publishers, publicists, and writing teachers. In addition to providing a wealth of ideas and tips for publishing in the Christian industry, The 2012 Christian Writer's Market Guide also includes up-to-date information on more than 400 book publishers, more than 600 periodicals, and hundreds of agents, contests, conferences, editorial services, niche markets, self-publishing services, and more. This is the ultimate reference tool for Christian writers.
What do I think? Oh my goodness! If you are a writer this book is a must! As a newbie, learning all I can learn about the craft of writing, this book is just what I needed. This guide holds so much valuable information to lead writers in the right direction. It has listings for agents, publishers, editors and even writing teachers, which I found to be really amazing!
This is a book I will search through and pray over. I am already taking notes from this book. If your gift is writing and you are trying to publish your work, you need this valuable book. I am so thankful for Jerry Jenkins for putting this together for people like me just learning this craft.
It holds information on Magazine Publishers and even contests to enter. It is just jam packed with great information.
Here is a great example. Under Book Publishers you will find the name of Love Inspired. It gives their address, phone, and email. Websites and who to submit to and how to submit. You find information on royalties and advances. You will even see how long it will take for them to respond. That and much more!
I tell you, I don't think enough can be said about this book. It's a guide for every writers desk.
This book was a gift from Tyndale for it's review.


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