Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where could we find your hope?

I can tell you that I am not an avid professional sports fan. The first time I watched a whole game was game six of the world series. Which in fact, turned out to be a great game. Boy, what a game I chose to watch. Being from St. Louis you would think I was cheering on the Cardinals. In my heart I was, but how exciting it would have been for the Rangers to win their first championship. I don't know, I was never really one to just cheer on one team. For me, it doesn't matter where I am from or who is playing. Everyone wants to win and everyone is playing hard. They are simply giving it their all, aren't they? You can see their heart as they rush for home plate. You can see their passion as they dive to catch the ball. Maybe I kind of root for the underdog. I just like to see everyone walk away feeling good about what they have given. Ya know what I mean?

What really caught my attention were the fans. St. Louis has the most amazing fans that cheer on their teams with all their heart. I am telling you, do not say you are rooting for the other team. Yikes! You can see the stadiums packed with people. I mean, people were paying a thousand dollars and much more for tickets. For what? To watch a group of men play a game. A game that won't soon be forgotten, but does it really have a lasting impact?

People take off of work. They grab all their friends. The sports bars are completely filled with fans. You can see the colors of the teams worn proudly by everyone. The whole city was painted red for the series. We cheer on our favorites. You know, those guys who stand out and do amazing things. Talented men for sure. Nothing like playing a game on a field of hope. We hear people say things like, "This is the best time of my life" and "Wow, there is nothing better". Really? Nothing better? Is that really as sweet as life gets?

Just by looking at people you could tell what team they were cheering on. Goodness, people were so excited they were singing in the streets. Well, the Ranger fans may not have been dancing in the streets, but they held their heads proud for their team. What a gracious coach they have.

But with all that aside. If the world was to look at you today would they know your a believer in Christ? Would they be able to tell by the way you are dressed? Could your countenance give it away? Are you making time for your Savior? Taking money out of your checkbook for a bible study? Is your head held high as you share with others you are cheering your Savior onward? Do your friends know each Sunday your standing in church singing praise to God? Those folks that you work with for hours on end..do they know you go home and spend hours in quiet reading your bible, praying for those very folks you see daily?

My point is simply this. Would we be able to pack stadiums for the Lord? Are we giving Him as much excitement as we do things that have no lasting impact on those around us? Sure, it's great  to cheer on our favorite teams and join in the fun, but where is that excitement for Christ? We seem to give so much effort to join in a crowd to watch a game either in person or at a friends home all gathered around a big screen. Where is our enthusiasm in serving the Lord? In reaching all those crowds for His glory and honor. When the Lord returns and we stand before Him will we be able to stand and say, "I gave it my all, Lord"? Did we really try as hard as we could to reach those people milling around us searching for something to put their hope in?

"Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be." Matthew 6:20-21


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