Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The lessons of a grand daughter

As I watch my grand daughter, Peyton, I find her attention span goes from here to there in about thirty seconds. She can pick up one toy and decide she wants another. She loves sound, fluff and anything that can fit into her mouth. She loves making eye contact. She loves when you are just all about her.

I can so relate. Can't you? My attention seems to span in every area of my life. We love it when everything is all about us. Everything seems to be grasping for our attention. We are pulled in every direction. Sight, sound and feelings totally ignite our senses.

As of late when I find myself in the car alone I turn the radio off and just turn my attention to the Lord. I am one who loves the radio on. The louder the better. But lately, something is changing in me. I find it great comfort just to be in the silence of the day. The sun shining through the window upon my face seems to fill me with such peace. Is it the sun or is it the Son? In the silence I hear Him speak to me. I have found myself asking, "Lord, where do You want me?" I am searching once again. Don't you think that is part of our Christian journey? Shouldn't we always be on the search for all God has for us?

Peyton is learning to walk. She is on a mission. She is determined to find her way. She sees something she wants and  there is nothing stopping her. Well, except grandma, placing her hand in front of her and saying, "No Pipper." I can place her favorite toys in front of her and she reaches for them with a smile and a laugh. God does the same for us. He places all He has in front of us for us to see. He places in our view opportunities to learn and grow. I too can place obstacles in Peyton's way if I don't want her to go in a certain direction. I know what will hurt her. I know what will cause her to fall and what will bring harm to her. She doesn't know those things right now. So, she must trust me with her life. Do I trust God with my life? He is always throwing obstacles in my way. He knows what will bring harm and destruction into my life. I need to look to Him and ask Him, "Can I go this way?" I need to be open to hearing his answer. At eight months of age, Peyton, doesn't understand no yet. It is something she is learning, but it will take time. Being such a young babe, all she wants to hear is yes. We are no different. We want to hear yes from God. It is as though a yes tells us we are loved. When in fact, no can sometimes be the answer we need to show just how greatly we are loved. I have learned to be thankful for the no's that have occurred in my life. For every no God has opened a door shouting, "Yes, come on in."

"For I know the plans I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11


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