Sunday, February 20, 2011


Put your seat belt on friends because you are in for a ride!! Deadly Ties is a thriller/suspense novel with faith, love and so much more added in. Vicki Hinze has this way of bringing everything together that you get the whole package. This is the second in the series. The first is FORGET ME NOT. I encourage you to read the first. It will give you more insight into the crisis center and the lives of the characters of this book.

As the book begins we catch a glimpse of  three characters lives. Lives that will all connect and make an impact on one another. Annie Harper, Mark Taylor and Karl Masson. Annie Harper loses her husband and her daughter, Lisa, witness' a horrific crime. Mark Taylor is a military man, trained in Special Operations. He loses one of his own during a battle overseas. Karl Masson is a killer for hirer. He is part of an organized crime group called NINA.

Dr. Lisa Harper is a woman who can take care of herself with a black belt in Karate, but the only thing that is going to protect her when she is abducted is her faith God. After, Annie's husband, Charles, was murdered, Annie, marries Dutch Hauk. A man with evil intentions and one who owned Annie in every way. He feels threatened by her daughter, Lisa, and wants her out of the way. Lisa has not seen her mother in years. Not because she doesn't love her, but to protect her. On a night of a special occasion for Lisa, her mother was to come in secret, but she didn't show up. Tragedy happens in their lives once more and now, Annie, is in ICU.

Mark has been keeping an eye on Annie for years now. He too has been in love with Lisa since he first saw her. His feeling run deep, but is terrified of losing someone else dear to him. His old friends are in town. Friends that served together and now remain close. They are out to find who did this to Annie. As they are searching for her attacker, Lisa, finds herself being kidnapped. Was it Dutch? Did he have another do his dirty work?

Karl, along with Dutch are in deep with NINA. There is more than just revenge on Dutch's part. He is after so much more. The twists and turns in this book just keep you turning page after page. Human trafficking, prostitution and fighting for life all ties in to this story. As deadly ties bring them all together the ties of faith will keep them going.

This book was a gift from Multnomah for it's review.


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