Monday, January 17, 2011

A morning with a song in my heart

This morning I awoke early as usual. I rose from bed at the early hour of 5:30. I have always been an early riser. I have never been able to sleep in. I think those days long left me when I had my first child. lol I am not sure they will ever return. Maybe when I am old and grey my husband and I will take our time rising from the bed. But for now we enjoy getting up early. There is nothing like the quietness of the early hours. It just all seems so peaceful.

This morning I had all my chores finished by 10:00am. I too began my day with yoga. I even ate breakfast, which is something I never do. Had myself a fried egg sandwich. Oh, it was yummy!! No music playing. No television on, but in my heart there is song. I love days like this. Days where I just let it all go and let God have my day. When I give Him my day all those chores don't seem so bad. That laundry in fact seems like a blessing. The sweeping goes by faster and I find myself thinking, "Okay, Lord, what else do You have?"

We make a choice each day when we rise. We can make our day about us or we can make it about Him. When I surrender to all He has for me, I find myself singing a new song. It isn't that old song of not again or why me. It has a pleasant melody to it. When I take me out of my day I can see Christ and all His blessings. I mean why not wake with a new vision? Why not say to God, "Lord, today is Your day, where do I fit in it? Point me Lord, and I will follow!"

Turn off the television and the radio and find His voice. So many times I drown Him out by listening to all the noise around me. Find joy in all those small tasks and the bigger ones just don't seem so huge any longer.

As my husband left for work this morning I not only thought about Christ, but I thought, "How can I make his evening special when he comes home?" I find when I am totally take the focus off of me I am happier. I have this joy that is so big it cannot be contained. Now, is every day like this? No. Some days I wake and I just want to pull the blankets over my head. But again those are the days where I wake up and I am focused on everything but the Lord.

It is a new day. A new morning. A new beginning. Make the best of today. Live it as though it is your last. As I sat in church Sunday I thought, "What if this is my last day here in church?" I know, I don't where these thoughts come, but it was one I sat and pondered over. Why not make each Sunday as though it is your last service? What if we just simply lived that way each day? Instead of taking everything we have for granted, why not change our attitude and become aware of the beauty of the moment?

I mean, think about it. Are we really ever going to be about the Lord as long as we about ourselves? I have held onto so much hurt and anger over the years. It is time to let it all go and simply allow Christ to live in us and through us. We are never going to reach others as long we are hindered by our own self.

"Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, bless His name; Proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day." Psalm 96:1-2

We can choose to wake each day proclaiming the glory of the Lord. We can make a choice to seek Him first. Just to wake and say His precious name. Friends, we can complain all day long. We can wake complaining and end our day grumpy as can be. It is all a choice. When we wake each day finding a new song to sing we will find ourselves living in the joy of the Lord.

How are we ever going to share the Lord with others if we ourselves don't seek Him? Can we really reach out to others if we are not living a Christ-like life? Our attitude is a  reflection of our faith. Our faith is a  reflection of just how much time we spend with Him. If we are walking with Him the only thing others are going to see is Christ and His love pouring out to greet them with grace.

Sunday I brought home one of our hymnals from church. I want to open that hymnal each day showing myself a new song. Reading over words written long ago that can still stir ones heart to Jesus. Start today with a new song and I bet you it's a tune that others will begin to sing to!


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