Sunday, December 12, 2010

POSSESSION by Rene Gutteridge

What would you do if you were about to lose all of your possessions? Vance Graegan is about to find out. He is now a retired police detective moving his family across the country to California to find peace and settle down. Vance is driving west to meet his wife, Lindy, and son, Conner. He has one stop to make. He is meeting his old partner, Erin, in Chicago. This is where everything seems to change for Vance. See, Vance is battling PTSD. He has been on a case that has taken much from his life. Vance is carrying secrets and someone knows just what they are. Will it be those secrets that brings him to his knees or will those very secrets free him from his past?  He is burned out and reality is not as it seems. Once in California all of their possessions are taken. They have nothing and each other doesn't seem to be enough until that too is almost taken. As the movers want more than Vance is willing to give, he thinks this is somehow tied to the D.C case he was working on. Is someone after Vance and his family? As we see this family go through one tragic trial after another one thing is visible. Their son's faith. The very person Vance was trying to protect is now wanting to take everything he has. I enjoyed this book. It was a suspenseful page turner for me. I desperately wanted this family to come together. Their characters are real and people we can relate to. We tie ourselves around what we own and think of our stuff as some sort of protective screen. When in fact it isn't the things we own, but what we are willing to give up that brings us to our faith. I love how Rene brings the faith of a child to the forefront of this book. This family is hurting and from one child's faith, springs a lifetime of hope.

This book was a gift from Tyndale for it's review.

Rene Gutteridge is the author of seventeen novels, including Listen, the Storm series (Tyndale House Publishers) and Never the Bride, the Boo series, and the Occupational Hazards series from WaterBrook Press. She also released My Life as a Doormat and The Ultimate Gift: The Novelization with Thomas Nelson. Rene is also known for her Christian comedy sketches. She studied screenwriting while earning a mass communications degree, graduating magna cum laude from Oklahoma City University and earning the Excellence in Mass Communication Award. She served as the full-time director of drama for First United Methodist Church for five years before leaving to stay home and write. She enjoys instructing at writers conferences and in college classrooms. She lives with her husband, Sean, a musician, and their children in Oklahoma City. Visit her Web site at


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