Sunday, December 12, 2010

A CHRISTMAS GIFT by Diane Craver

Just in time for Christmas, Diane, gives us a story to warm our heart. This beautifully told story comes from a young girl's perspective. It's a story of a childhood from the past. A memory brought to life each year by a letter written by the father she loved greatly. Debbie is up late one night and doesn't want to wake anyone. She spies her father reading one of her reading books. He is trying to read the word, d-a-u-g-h-t-e-r. This puzzles little Debbie. Her father is bright and successful in every way. He is her hero, but what she doesn't realize is she is his hero. This father has a past of regrets. School was not a priority to his mother and he never learned to read. As Debbie talks to her siblings they realize their daddy has never read them a book. Debbie begins to pray for her father. In this sweet story we see prayer answered and hope come like a new winter snow. Shame is no longer for this father, but he is pressing forward into a future that has no limits as you will see. For Christmas, Justin Reeves writes his children letters sharing with them just how much he loves them and how they inspire him. Although this is a short story, it is filled with a beautiful tale of inspiration and giving. I loved this book. We see a family come together and triumph over obstacles. We see the Lord move through each member of this family in breathtaking ways. This is one to curl up with and find yourself drawn to all that can be when we just reach out to one another.

This book was a gift from Diane Craver.

Diane Craver:
As the youngest in the family, growing up on a farm in Findlay, Ohio, Diane often acted out characters from her own stories in the backyard. In high school she was the student sitting in class with a novel hidden in front of her propped up textbook. Before starting on her writing career, Diane was a school teacher and play director.

She met her husband while teaching at an orphanage, and they married in 1975. While raising their six children, Diane started writing nonfiction. Later, she decided it would be a nice escape to write fiction.

She enjoys her life with her husband and six children in southwestern Ohio. Her husband of thirty-five years is very supportive, as well as her awesome children.

Diane writes nonfiction, inspirational, contemporary romance, women’s fiction and chick-lit mystery. She writes fun and inspiring stories filled with memorable characters and is a multi-published author. Diane gives thanks to God daily for all her wonderful blessings.


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