Saturday, April 3, 2010


As I pick up the third book of this series I am eager to find what is now new in Tami's life. Tami is a woman with a passion for law, and set on following Christ through each path He has chosen for her. Again we find Tami with many decisions to make. Which law firm should she invest her time in, and which young man is the Lord calling her to spend sweet life with? Tami has values and a life style that others stop and take notice. They know there is something different about this young woman with a passion to reach others. We are able to see her family again in this book, and how Tami still values her parents wisdom. She has a quality that carries her far, a greater love than herself.
We find the story wrapping around a young girl, Jessie, a run away in need of greater love, who came from a home with anything but. As this young girl is on the run she meet up with Sister Dabney, a strange but loving woman on fire for the Lord and a purpose of bringing others to Him. As young Jessie finds herself in trouble Sister Dabney is there to guide her through and leads her to Tami. Tami takes on her case and finds herself with more decisions to make.

Again we have sweet Ms. Fairmont blessing Tami's life as Tami is staying with her again as she begins a new life with a new firm.

Tami has many in her life looking for and giving greater love to others. We have Zack, patiently waiting for the woman he loves, Ms. Fairmont who seems to give all she has no matter the cost, Julie, Tami's partner in the firm who is seeking and giving a greater love selflessly. We all need a circle of people as Tami has surrounding us, lifting us up.

I loved this book just as I loved the first two. Robert Whitlow has a gift to place us right there in the midst of his stories.

This book was a gift by Thomas Nelson for its review.


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