Friday, April 2, 2010

all He gave

As I open my bible up to John chapter 19 I read as tears are streaming down my face. Today we reflect upon Good Friday. We return to that day where Jesus gave all. Jesus did not lose His life, Jesus gave it freely. Why? He did it for you and I. Through Him we can find freedom and redemption. It is through the grace He gave this day that we can find life.
I am a visual person. Whenever I am reading a book or a column in a blog I visualize the whole picture and place myself there. That is where I find passion for others and for finding a deeper meaning in life. So as I read I place myself there although I do not want to be there watching.

Can you see it clearly? Can you see Jesus torn and broken? Can you see the crown of thorns upon His head? Can you hear the sounds around Him? Those that are shouting crucify Him are drowning out all else. Their shouts are heard over everyone, but there are those at His feet praying. Can you see His mother, Mary at His feet? This is her Savior, her son. This is the One she carried, the One she watched grow before her eyes. As a mother this breaks my heart. I can feel her pain, and as His child I am broken to see what they are doing to my Savior.

The soldiers are near, along with two men on either side of Jesus. I find it meaningful that Jesus is in the center of them. Jesus is at the center of us all whether we see it or not. Can you see the soldiers fighting over His garments, casting lot for them? Can you see the mocking, the scorn, and the piercing of His side?

As much as I want to look away I cannot. For this is the day my Savior died for me. This is the day He gave His life so that I could have life through Him. I do not want to forget this day. I never want to forget what my Savior did for me, the sacrifice He took upon Himself, the grace He showed the world.

His friends were there. Those disciples who walked with Him. Those who believed, but did not understand everything were before Him. Can you see their tears and hear their cries for their friend, the One they walked with daily?

As Jesus cries out "It is finished", darkness takes over, and all the world is changed forever because of the gift of the One who came to save, One King, One Savior, who followed His Father willingly. Can you hear those words my friend? Those words, this day were for you and I.

In John 3:16-17 it says: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."

This story does not end here, no, indeed, it continues on to more glory and greatness that our hearts cannot comprehend. Jesus rose on that third day. He is not in that tomb any longer. He is free from death just as you and I are when we choose to believe in Him. He gave this gift of life, and He was our final sacrifice. After this day there would be no more sacrifices, for Jesus was the sacrifice for the world, for those who were praying at His feet, and those who were shouting "Crucify Him".

This day nor Easter is not about Easter egg hunts and bunnies. It is about our Savior. All else takes away from the gift He gave so freely. May this Easter you have a renewed belief. May you find yourself at His feet, feeling His forgiveness and accepting His love.

Jesus, I praise Your mighty name for your sacrifice for me. I raise my hands to Your glory. It is through You that I can find freedom. Just as those heard the shouts of "Crucify Him", they also heard the shouts of "He is risen"! Praise Jesus, praise His Holy name forever more!


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