Wednesday, March 10, 2010

whats in a name?

When we are born our parents give us a name, and sometimes it is one we love and others we sit back and wonder why. We usually have a nickname here or there throughout life. Those who are close to me call me Rob,my dad started that when was little, and when I was young, I picked up the nickname Birddog from my friends, see my name was Robin Ruff. Hey, its not nice to laugh!
Our names mean something special. In our name we carry who we are. Some may find terms of endearment for us like our husband, our children, or close friends. But we represent who we are in our name.Before I was married I represented my father in his name, now my husband in his, and when others say, "Robin" I know they are speaking to me. Just as when we carry the name Christian, we are representing Jesus Christ.

When someone speaks your name what do you wish for them to think upon?I hope when others hear my name they have good thoughts and know that I am true to who I am. I want others to know me as honest, as loving, and as one who loves Christ. When I think of Jesus, He is a lot of things to me at different times. His name stands alone, there is none like it, nor will there ever be. But when we think upon His name, there are many names that this One we love holds. Here are just a few: "The Son of Man, The Divine Teacher, The Son of God, The Soul Winner, The Bread of Life, The Water of Life, The Defender of Weak, The Light of the World, The Good Shepard, The Prince of Life, The King, The Servant, The Consoler, The True Vine, The Giver of Spirit, The Great Intercessor, The Model Sufferer, The Uplifted Savior, The Victor of Death, The Restorer. How is that for a start?

His name carries many characteristics of who He is, and we can call upon Him in many different names. Some may call Him Father, others call Him Daddy. When someone says, "Jesus", we know who they are speaking of. Some may not know Him in a personal relationship, but all know He is the Son of God. No one can deny His name. Atheists spend their whole life trying to deny God, and there is no denying who He is in His name.

For me He is "The Giver of Grace, The forgiver, The Strength, Comforter, Healer, Ever Present, Provider, Protector, Strong Tower, Refuge, Teacher, The Giver of Mercy. I know I can call upon His name and He will answer. There is no mistaking in His names, for no one else holds the names He has.

What name do you call God? What is He to you right now? We can give praise to Him, our God who gave all for us. His one name stands for much, and His many names stand for who He truly is.

There is no other who holds as many names, and no other who is known as He is. His name is precious in our sight. We call upon His name when we are excited and when we are in despair. Whatever the situation He is there for us, all we have to do is call out His name.

My sweet friend, wherever you are today, you can call upon Him and He will answer. There is no other name sweeter than His.


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