Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a sweet surprise

On this beautiful, sunny day I had a special morning. My daughter, Whitney came home for a visit. Awe, to see her sweet smile come through the door just made my day.
As she is in school and working very hard it takes up much of her time, but for her to take time out of her day to come out was a sweet surprise. She is planning her wedding, and needed to look through pictures. As we got out the scrapbooks and looked through old photos boy did they bring back memories.

To hold those pictures in your hand can take you back in time in just a moment. What sweet memories I have of my children. I often go in my room and sit down on the bed with my scrapbooks open, usually smiling, and then I can always be sure to find a tear falling.

Whitney took a picture of my dad, her grandfather, to do a remembrance of him at her wedding. Oh, he would have loved to see her walk down the aisle. I have hopes that somewhere in heaven he is able to look down on her that day with a smile.

We never really know the depth of snapping photos until later in life when those moments are gone, and those we loved so dear are no longer with us.

There are those days in life that the Lord shines down His love and sends a special delivery just for us, and this morning was one of those for me.

To spend sweet moments with my daughter, to receive a hug from her, and a "I love you Mom" are gifts that are like sweet nectar. To hear her laugh fills me with warmth. To hear her speak about her future gives me excitement for her. I remember a day when her big, blue eyes looked up at me with wonder, and now I find myself looking at her in wonder at the beauty before me. I have watched her go from a little bud to a full bloom right before my eyes.


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