Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the family tree

You can turn to the book of Matthew and the first thing you see is the genealogy of Jesus Christ. We can turn elsewhere in the bible and find the "Begots". If you are like me, and I hate to admit this, but, I kind of skip over those begots sometimes. There are names I can't even begin to pronounce, and they go on and on and on. Come on if your honest, you have to agree with me, right?
Well, there is a blessing to all those begots. As it all began with Adam and Eve, my name is written down there in those begots too! Your name is there also, way down from the first names. It might take a long time to get to my name but I am a descendant of Abraham, of Jesus, and all those who have come before me. Does that just make your heart twitter as it does mine? You are a child of the King of kings! You are a Royal Blue Blood. Your heritage is linked back to the One who gave His life for you! What a way to start the morning, in receiving the love of Jesus Christ and knowing you are a direct link to Him.

For me, I know I am German and Irish. What a combination for this girl. German on my father's side and Irish on my Mother's side. I have found out some interesting facts about my family tree. Isn't it exciting to know where you came from? I find myself wanting to know more, to search more, and when we do we find a little nugget of who we are.

As my cousin likes to say, "We can pick our friends, but we cannot pick our family." This is so true. I have to admit I have family that I have never met before. I have family that I have met only once, and for me that was enough. Sadly, I do not have one of those closely weaved families, and I have always missed that. Until recently I thought I would never see my cousin again, and praise the Lord, He brought us together, and come to find out we are quite a bit alike, and that just amazes me. I have so enjoyed chatting with her and getting to know her all over again. Her presence in my life has brought a richness I was missing.

Sometimes I wonder if I have family that came over on the Mayflower, I wonder if there were kings or queens, sailors, farmers, whatever they were, I think it is so exciting to find out information on our family tree. Now it is easier to find information, but it takes a lot of digging and a lot of time. For me, that is time I am willing to give.

I have friends who have large families, and they are so very close. They spend Sundays together having dinner, they have large Christmas's and spend wonderful time with one another. I have always missed that. I have wondered if they really know just what a gift they have. But, ya know, its all good. I know when I get to heaven I will be with my family, my extremely large family, and we will have great dinners, long walks, and we will love to enjoy spending time with each other, and boy will we have time. Can you imagine sitting at the feet of Jesus? Of Danial? Of all those who came before us and will come after us, and learning all about them, hearing the stories of the past whispered into our ears. Just as if we were sitting on Grandpa's lap, enjoying an apple, we will never tire of hearing the stories of the past.

But then I go back to the bible, that is where my family began, right there before my eyes I can read about them, the greats and those who struggled. I fit in there somewhere, and it is amazing how God puts all of us together under His family tree. We are all connected. The same blood that runs through my veins also runs through yours. Sure we all have different names, we all look different, and we have different qualities that make us unique, but we are all family in one way or another. So when Jesus calls us to love one another, it just takes on a whole new meaning for me now. Can you fathom that around your brain? We are all related in a family tree that all began with the two people that God created to multiply the earth!

When we look at those begots in the way that we are looking into our family tree it doesn't make it so boring does it? It kind of leaves a new light for us to look into deeper and with more passion.

When we dig up information about our families it can come as a surprise, and some is not so grand, while others make us smile. We can learn from where we came from, and those who have come before us. So the next time your working on your family tree, maybe give it new thought and start from the top of that tree and go down from there, as you will find you are one of those begots.


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