Thursday, March 18, 2010

whatcha got on your to do list?

I am making out my to do list and may I just share there is much on it that needs my attention. I find that when I make a list it makes it more clear for me what I have to get finished. Trying to find energy to get motivated is my source of exhaustion already. But I go ahead and make my list out. You know, the laundry, the dishes, the sweeping, the moping, the closets need cleaned out, and boy do my windows need washed. My list seems to go on forever, and then comes the chores outdoors.
I find that I may not find time for everything on my list, but I can find time for excuses not to do these dreaded chores. I can find excuses much easier than those lost socks in the dryer that you never find. Where do they go?

As I make my list, you know what is at the top? Spend time with God today. Read your bible. Read your Sunday School lesson. Open up that devotional. My list of to do's may be big, but my attention span seems to be small on some days.

First, it doesn't matter if I finish my to do list on this day or not. It doesn't really matter if I get those windows cleaned today, but what does matter is my time I spend with God. I am finding I should not be adding Him to my to do list, that makes it seem like a chore. It makes it seem like it is something I have to do to check off my list.

God doesn't need checked off my list. My list needs to made around Him! My time with Him should be in such a way that it is a pleasure moving things around so that my time with Him is first and foremost. My day should be filled with Him from the time I wake until I go to bed and lay my head down. I have learned I don't need to set my alarm to wake to spend time with Him. I don't need to add Him to my list. He is already there in my heart and my thoughts. All I have to do is speak His name and He is there listening and in the midst of doing those dishes, I can hear His voice loud and clear when I choose to make Him first.

I can read my bible in the mornings, at night, during lunch, anytime anywhere. I don't have to have a set time to read God's word. I feel that when I set that time It is just adding Him to all the other set times throughout my day. I want my relationship with Him to be open all day. I leave my bible open so I can see His word throughout my day. I leave the Christian radio on so I can be reminded of His love all through my day.

I do not want a distinct time penciled in for God like a hair appointment. I want my life to be open to Him in such a way, that all else falls into place in my time with Him. I want my whole day to be devoted to Him in such a way that if He lays one upon my heart to pray for I will fall right there and pray when He calls me to. I want to live in such a way that everything I do is a joy added to my day with Him. I am still working on changing my attititude to fit my desires in my heart for Him. For me, those changes need to begin in my heart, forgetting about me and all I need to do, and changing it to being all about God and all He wants in my life.

I think I have just been looking at this to do list all wrong. If you set your alarm clock to get up an hour before you must be up and ready to go to spend time with God that is awesome. If you have a quiet time set in the evening when your children are tucked in bed that is a special time between you and Jesus. I remember those tiring days, filled with homeschooling, lunch, dinner, and all the in between. It is hard to find time and that is exactly my point for this time in my life. I still find it hard to find time to do all there is to do, that is why I am changing my to do list. It might still be on the fridge, written in brightly colored marker, but my time with the Lord is written right here in my heart. Whenever I hear Him call I want to just answer then. Whenever He is calling me to serve I want to be open to all He has for me. I want to live in such a way that I dance to the beat of His drum. That I move to the sound of His voice. I want to sing His praise all day. I want to smile in His glory no matter how many clothes I must pick up and in the midst of those dirty toilets I want to find a pure joy in living with Him right now today in this moment!

So, on my to do list today are many chores, but I am not adding my time with God to that list, cause my time with Him is anything but a chore. I want my time with Him to be like sitting on the deck in the fresh morning sunlight sharing a glass of sweet tea. Just me and Him sharing a sweet conversation in freedom. I want to be refreshed by Him throughout the day, filled in His presence and I am finding if I add Him onto my list that just doesn't happen. How do you see your time with Him? Whether it is hours today, or just a moment, make it sweet and make it lasting in such a way that you desire more time with Him each day He gives. Get lost with Him in those chores before you today!


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