Thursday, March 18, 2010

there's nothing like an old quilt

One of the things that I collect are old quilts. My husband was buying a quilt for each birthday and Christmas for me until our home started overfilling with them. I have been able to purchase a few from auctions, and even found a couple at a Goodwill shop.
A few years ago he had taken me to the quilt museum in Kentucky, and that was a treat I will never forget. To see quilts made from years back from those who are no longer here any longer, to those newly made in such an amazing way you just stand in awe, wondering and soaking in the beauty.
I often wonder about the stories behind a quilt. Who made it? How long did it take them? Were they poor in material things, but rich in blessings or did they find themselves wealthy in the things of this world and poor in spirit? What were they like? Did they quilt for joy or was it a need?

Many times you can look at a quilt and see the story of one, of their life and the beauty behind each stitch. For me, each pattern speaks loudly about the personality of the one who made it. Each color shouts who they are. And the time spent with the needle in hand tells of the person they were.

One thing I love about Spring is washing my quilts and hanging them on the line. The pure smell, and the sweet picture of all those quilts hanging there, turning in the breeze, brings me a peace in my heart. I love wrapping up in one of my quilts and snuggling in good with a book for the night. Not only does my book tell a story, but the quilt wrapped around me does as well. They both leave a legacy upon my heart. This girl loves a good story, and one that can enrich my life is a double blessing.

A few nights ago I climbed into my bed of new sheets and pillows and as soon as my head was on the pillow and the cover up to my neck I felt at peace, at rest in the struggle around me. A feeling that no matter what is going on around me, I can feel safe and secure tucked in tight. That is how I feel in the rest of my Savior. In His arms wrapped around me I feel tucked in tight and have a feeling as nothing around me can touch me with His security wrapped all around me in vibrant color. I often wonder where did they get all their supplies from and was it enough. For me, I know that the Lord supplies all my needs, maybe not all my wants, but He gives me what is sufficiant for my need. Isn't is wonderful to know we have a mighty God who gives more than enough? With each suppliment He gives there is a praise to go with it, just as each patchwork, each stitch, each row of hearts are placed just in the right design.

Just the touch and feel of a quilt brings a smile to my face and a quite tug to my heart, so does my bible, and hearing the word of God. There is a story behind each person, where life has taken them, and just where they are going. The struggles and blesses are carried within us just as each quilt stitched and weaved together to bring a wholeness as never before. Each one who has come to know Christ holds a story in their heart to be told. There is a sweetness found in watching women quilt. The stories they must share, the blessings they reap as they are stitching in love making a quilt for the one they love to wrap up warm in on that chilly morning.
The quilts that are handed down from generation tell a story of love and giving. Isn't that what our lives as Christians should tell? I want my life to be handed down from generation to generation as a woman of God. I want Him to shine brightly in my life in vibrant colors, and I pray my love for others can wrap around them for years to come, holding within them many prayers spoken on their behalf.

I have quilts on the back of my living room furniture, and I have one on each bed. There is always one for someone to grab and wrap up with. I want my home to be in such a way that comfort is right there to be found. Isn't that how are relationship with Jesus is? He is right there at every turn, waiting for us to reach out to Him. No matter where we are or what we are doing, He can bring comfort.

What is it that you collect? Is there something that stands out in your life to represent much given and much received? Is there something that you just love the feel of that speaks love and points your heart to Jesus? For me, quilts give me that sweetness of comfort.

In some cases I know the giver, as my husband or my mother has passed some down to me. In some I know just who made each piece, and others I have no idea, but in that unknown there is a continuation of passing something special onto another. Just as we are to pass on the love of God to those we know, those we pass by and those we have never met face to face. Each stitch of love we pass on will go on to another to touch them just when they need it the most, giving sweet comfort like a soft, old tattered quilt.


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