Wednesday, March 17, 2010

chasing dreams

What is it today that you are chasing? We all seem to be chasing something. I am watching my children chase their dreams, my husband chase his and also myself, chasing this dream of writing a novel.

I remember those hot, summer days watching my children chase butterflies, catch them, make a wish and let them go. It was a beautiful sight watching them scramble across the yard, jump in air, and have a sweet smile upon their faces as life was giving them a kiss of sweetness.

I loved chasing fireflies in the night. I loved the cool of the air, the jar in my hand with the lid having tiny holes for those lighting beauties to breath until I let them go.There was a freedom in chasing through the night sky a little bug lighting up all it touched. Each one carrying such a brightness brought joy to this little girls heart.

In our hearts the Lord sets a dream, a plan for us to grab hold of and follow with everything we have. Chasing dreams is not just a day in the sun, but it is hard work. Days working, nights staying awake in thought, and many prayers going up, lifting those dreams to the heavens. When we are chasing after those dreams placed in us from God we can never go wrong. As we chase those dreams, we grow in Him. Our faith deepens and our eyes widen to all He can do in us and through us to touch others. In these dreams we have all we really want to do is bring glory and honor to Him. In these times of chasing dreams, we open our arms to a new freedom, a new path, and a new sight. Where are your dreams taking you?

There are times in chasing our dreams that we wonder if it is all worth it. As I watch my daughter to go school, and work many long hours trying to catch her dream, I see her struggle, I see her tired, and I know at times she feels she is missing out on other things, but in that dream the Lord placed in her heart He will provide. He will make a way for her to fly high, to soar, and to keep touching others with her sweet sweet spirit. I am so very proud in watching her achieve the dream that the Lord has given her. It is like watching a butterfly itself, grow from that little cocoon, to opening up and spreading those wings until they are ready to take off and fly. Once their wings are set there is nothing to hold them back.

As I watch my son dream about who he is to become I see him growing each day. To watch a little boy go from chasing toy tractors to the military is a blessing. All those frogs he chased has only given him strength to chase the bigger dreams God has placed in his heart.

As I watch my daughter carry her first child, my first grandchild I am overjoyed to see how she is blossoming into a woman, soon to be a mother. She has gone from chasing lizards, to soon chasing a baby. Her dreams are coming true right before her eyes, and in that alone it is a gift for a mother to watch her daughter become a mother with the same love in her eyes that I have in mine for my children.

As I watch my husband chase that dream of having that job the Lord wants him to have I see the frustration in reaching and having net with nothing in it yet. But I know as he follows the Lord, his net will soon be full, and on his journey there, he will become more of the man God has called him to be.

So you see, it is not only a gift for us to chase our dreams, but to watch others chase their dreams and to encourage them with all we have.Although not always easy, and it may be a long road in getting there, with the Lord at our side, He will help us reach for those dreams and make them possible. What are you chasing today? Don't give up, don't lose hope when things get tough, just raise that net and reach higher!


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