Monday, March 15, 2010

what does Jesus look like?

Have you ever wondered what Jesus looks like? Countless numbers of people have tried to capture their interpretation of His image in paintings or drawings. Although no one in our time has seen Him, we love to visualize His appearance. How do you picture Him? Can you see dark skin? Can you see His feet that have walked miles in the sand? Can you see His nail pierced hands that reached out to all?
If you want to see what Jesus looks like look to your brother, your sister, your mother and father, your neighbor, your co-worker, that little one in the grandmother's arms, the grandfather taking care of his aging wife, the young man serving in the military, his wife at home with the children, the young nurse working in the E.R watching over the gunshot victim. Those in America, in South America, Japan, and all across this world are all made in His image. Each one, each face made by His hands is a reflection of Him.

We can pull those curtains back and look into our backyard at those tiny creatures, we can travel to Africa and see the animals of the wild, to the oceans of blue to see the unlimited, uniqueness of God's hand. We can look at a rain drop, a rainbow, and the awesomeness of the sun before us to bring light to the day and the moon to carry us through the night and see a glimpse of what God looks like. Have you seen the night sky filled with stars lately? There He is in clear view.

We can look from the faces of those around us to the creatures of the world to the kindness in a stranger, the young couple praying over another, the eye's of the merciful to the touch of the one filled with grace and see Him clearly.

We can see Him in the words of the songs, song from the heart, in the beat of the drum, the melody of the piano, in the music that makes our hearts stir and our hands raise.

We can see Him in the laughter of friends, and the giggle of a child. He is in the hand of one laying on another to bring comfort, and in the face of a smile given to a passerby.

The words spoken of heart, the silence of one in deep prayer, we can see Him everywhere we turn. We can see Him through not only the words of one, but the actions of another. The one stopping along the road to help a mother in need, the opening of a hand to give all one has are pictures of Jesus. Kindness, giving, and forgiveness show us His image filled with love. Anytime love, mercy and grace are given we are catching a glimpse of Him.

I have told many who have touched my life that Jesus looks good on them. When we live our lives in such a way to point others to Him, to serve where we are needed, and to sacrifice for another we are showing who Jesus is.

From the fish of the sea, to the fowl of the air, to those He cares for most, we have His majestic portrait painted right before our very eyes. If you are wondering what He looks like, turn and take a look in the mirror, for you were made in His image and you were made with love.

We are all unique, we are all different, carrying with us different gifts and attributes to share. Jesus is all of those things to us. There is none like you, nor is there any other that is like our Father, creator of all, Savior of the world!

Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in His own image; in that the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."


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