Saturday, March 13, 2010

the beauty of the clover

Do you know the real meaning of St. Patricks Day? There is something special about these three leafed clovers. They are not lucky charms, they hold no magical power, but in the heart they are images of love.
St.Patrick was not Irish at all, he was British, from Scotland really. His name became St. Patrick when he became a Priest.

During the time he was a boy the Roman Empire was falling, and Britain were easy prey for attack. When he was sixteen he was captured and taken to Ireland. There is much to learn about the life of St. Patrick and the legacy he left behind.

One thing that captures my heart with beauty is that he wanted to show others who God was, and what the Trinity(3in1) was all about. In his missionary efforts he wanted to reach out to others sharing Christ with them, and teaching the lost there was much more to life.

He used the three leaf clover to represent the Trinity. Each leaf although separate, is still one unique gift. He was showing who God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus were. Although they are separate, they are One in the same. He held a passion for spreading the gospel and teaching others the true meaning of faith and life.

Are there legends of St.Patrick? Sure there are, but we see in his writings the rich passion he had for reaching others for the Kingdom of Christ. Legend or not, I love having another symbol in this Irish girls heart, and in my Christian life a symbol pointing straight to God. Another gift to teach others just who Jesus is.

For me St. Patricks day is a day to look back on the life of one who gave to teach others about Jesus, and to celebrate our life in Christ. Taking a simple three leafed heart shaped clover in my hands brings on a whole new meaning.


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