Saturday, March 13, 2010

one just won't do

Have you opened a bag of M&M's before and ever ate just one? If you say yes, I don't think your being truthful my friend! I never could eat just one. I eat them in handfuls. Yes, this girl just shoves them in. I love them, absolutely love them. And ya know, I love to share them. I don't just want to keep them all to myself, I wanna let everyone in on the special treat.
Now what about a bag of Lay's potato chips? You know you can't eat just one, please! If I am watching a movie, that whole bag can be gone. You know you should stop, but they just taste so darn good, ya know?

There are many little tasty treats in life that we just can't seem to have just one. We gotta have more of those goodies. They just seem to make life taste as sweet as they do no matter what the situation.

I gotta say there is another thing that I just can't get enough of once I start, and that is reading my bible. Each page, every little tid bit of information, every thought of love, of grace, of mercy, all the stories of those who came before me just make me want to read more.

The more I read the more I grow, and the more I grow the more I wanna read! When I am shoveling handfuls of God's word in my heart I am full of life, of joy, no matter what the situation. If I have been blue about something, if I am angry, if I am confused, or even if I am overjoyed, I can pick up God's word and search the pages for just what my heart needs.

Now, you have those who will eat one M&M at a time, they even separate their colors, and those who eat their chips one little nibble at a time to. That is great. Each of us are different in every way God made us.

So, you to can look at God's word and read just one nugget at a time, maybe just one little tid bit is all you need at the time to set a fire under your feet and a new love in your heart.

God's word is for all of us. It is His powerful love letter to us. If you wanna grab it by the handful, or if you would rather just take one at a time, it will add a blessing to your heart and a joy in your day. If you think those M&M's place a smile on your face, just wait until you dive into God's big book of love. Once you start reading you won't stop, its just too good!
Psalm 119:105 "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path."


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