Friday, February 12, 2010

ya need a pick me up?

There are days when we just need a pick me up. Something to inspire us. Something to lift our spirits. Just something to pull us out of the mully grubs. We all have those days where we need something and we just can't put our finger on it.

Oh, but we can put our finger on it. We can pick our pick me up and wrap our hearts around it. That bible that has been sitting there gathering dust, being covered up by other books, maybe even still in your car from church Sunday. I know mine has been left in my car before on many occasions, only to pull it out to do my Sunday school lesson on the way to church.

If we are going to grow we might as well start with being honest. I have one of each kind of bible there is. I have a whole collection. I have big ones, small ones that I bought to carry in my purse only to have them stacked on my dresser.

I do have two sitting right here by my computer. I have my favorite that is filled with notes, verses underlined and is covered in ink. It is the bible I carry with me to church. I have others I enjoy reading sitting by my bed, but ya know if I don't choose to pick it up, place it in my hands and begin reading is it really doing any good sitting there?

I can read a book in a day, I can make a scarf in just a few hours, and take time to do all the things that I need to pick me up in the day, but what if I left all those for after I spent time with my bible listening to the Lord speak to my heart? Wouldn't that pick up me first thing in the morning? Wouldn't that make a great start to my day?

And what about at night when I choose to read a great book for a review, or watch television to fall asleep? What if instead I choose to pick up my bible and read, praying for God to fill my heart with each word? Just maybe I would fall asleep with a peace that covers me through the night.

When I need a pick me up I can go and purchase a purse, grab myself a coke, eat a bag of chips, call a friend and go out to lunch, but those things are not lasting and fulfilling are they? They may lift my spirits for a moment, but what I really need is to go to God and ask Him for a pick me up. His pick me ups seem to last and all I have to do is call out His name or grab His love story written for my heart to read and soak in all His words. That should be enough to pick up my day, just laying my thoughts upon Him, thinking of His love and mercy.

I am learning when I need a pick me up He is my go to guy. There is no other that can lift me as He can. Whether I need a pick me up in the morning, in the afternoon when I am dragging, or in the night when I cannot sleep He is there for me! He is there for you too.

We don't have to go shopping, or go to the nearest coffee shop for our pic me ups. Our greatest pic me up is right here with us. All we have to do is pick up His word, open our hearts, lay our burdens down, and listen and pray while reading His precious word written just for us!!


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