Thursday, February 11, 2010


You cannot go wrong when you pick up a book from Sheila Walsh, because she is going to open her heart and encourage you to open yours. Sheila begins with telling her story about how she loved to swing. A beautifully told story that all comes down to trust. Its all about who is pushing the swing. She shares her story of depression, and her fears of trust. She begins sharing from her childhood to now as she feels the strength of God. We are going on a journey with ten people from the bible, and wow what a journey to walk with this group of people along with Sheila. She has this way of making you feel as though you are a companion with her on this path to healing. She has a special way of sharing her story, the stories of Abraham, Anna, Tabitha, Paul, Joseph, Gideon, Samson, and more. We learn just how much we can grow if we just trust Jesus.There are many issues that can cause us not to trust, and Sheila takes us into deep areas with eye opening vision into our hearts. One quote I love is this: "Just as a child learns to walk by falling down and getting back up again, I had to learn that every fall was a gift and every bruise a sign that I was still alive and moving." I think I related to Tabitha's story in my own life. You too will find yourself in these stories being told. We may say we trust God, but do we really? When life throws a curve ball do we run or are we still until we hear God? Sheila has written a book that will touch your heart as it did mine, a book that helps us reach in and grasp those fears and trust God with everything we have. This book can be used also for a bible study in a small group setting. If you are a woman and you are wanting to trust God, to give Him all, and to find how to let go this book is for you. This book was a gift by Thomas Nelson for its review.


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