Friday, February 12, 2010


We are invited to spend time in Fountain Creek in "Rekindled", "Revealed", and "Remembered". We begin the series with "Rekindled" captivating us with a love story between Kathryn and Larson Jennings. During this time period in the 1800's life is hard and marriage can be even harder on a ranch. Kathryn and Larson have spent ten years together and hardly know one another, let alone themselves. Larson leaves for business on Christmas Day, leaving nothing behind except a note for Kathryn. She is left wondering and soon finds she is with child as Larson finds tragedy along his way. In the midst of their struggles they have others cross their paths bringing new friendships along the way. Deep friendships that help mold them into who they are to be. As Kathryn struggles to keep the land that Larson has loved and worked hard for, Larson is fighting to keep his life and learning how to start over. Others are trying to steal the land and we find throughout the story who is behind this and who has attacked Larson. We find their faith strengthened and their lives renewed by truly finding themselves within each other. While Larson is healing and trying to find his way back home is he wondering if Kathryn will ever be able to love him again. Hearts are rekindled in Fountain Creek as we follow the hearts of tow thata are seperated and brought back together as one with a love stronger than before.

In "Revealed" we find Annebelle and Matthew. Annabelle has married Jonathan McCuchens and are on their way from Colorado to Idaho on a trail ride to make a new life together. Jonathans life is cut short by sickness. Life on the trails can be mighty hard as we will find out. It was Jonathan who saved Annabelle from the brothel that has taken up much of her life. Once Jonathan passed Annebelle finds herself going back to Fountain Creek as she is with child. She is needing to find someone to hire to take her back to the wagons on the trail to Idaho. She places an ad and is answered by no other than Matthew Taylor, the brother of Jonathan, who has come home to renew his relationship with his brother. Now, only to find out he is gone, and it is Annabelle he was still with breaks his heart. He holds much anger toward Annabelle, for he thinks his brother could have done much better than to be with her. Annabelle hires Matthew to take her to meet up with the wagoneers and what a journey they take. On their journey there they set out to find Saddie, a young girl from the brothel who has been kidnapped. On the search for her, they are becoming friends, they are talking and finding the truth out about each other and the lives they held before. Once they reach Idaho and see the beauty before them, they too find beauty between them. They have learned grace, forgiveness and love. Annabelle was taught from Jonathan that she would never be able to love until she loved herself, and she does indeed through this story find God's love, respect for who she has become and the love of man least likely to fall for.

In " Remembered" we find Veronique Girard and Jack Brennan. Veronique has traveled from France to America after the death of her mother in search of a father she never knew. It was her mother's last wish to do the things she never had the chance to do and to find her father. Veronique has lived in Paris and is a talented artist, capturing others in portrait the way she invisions them. Jack Brennan has been a trail guide and scout all his life and has lost his family along the trail. The trail has changed him, and he is trying to move forward and have peace with the loss of his family. As Veronique makes her way to Willow Springs, Jack also finds himself there and their paths cross as Veronique is searching for her father. As their lives begin to connect the other characters from the first two books join them in captivating our hearts once again. Veronique and Jack are about to go through many changes and as they search for newness and life again. Veronique goes through changes leaving Paris and coming to the wild country of America, as does Jack remembering the past with his family and coming to terms of letting go. Love is such a sweet emotion and is found here between these pages.

I loved these stories. The realness, the rawness of heart, the honesty in the characters can only open our hearts to a loving God that shines down upon us with His will and purpose, blessing us with those who cross our paths. Although I have shared much about these stories there is much to be found within these pages. You will leave this book looking into your own heart and finding blessings when we open our hearts to others.

Tamera Alexander is a bestselling novelist whose deeply drawn characters, thought-provoking plots, and poignant prose resonate with readers. Having lived in Colorado for seventeen years, she and her husband now make their home in Tennessee, where they enjoy life with their two college-age children and a Silky named Jack.


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