Monday, February 15, 2010

whats your pick up line?

If you are a lady you have heard the pick up lines from men. I am sorry men, but some of them are just sad, while others catch your attention. Some of those pick up lines were the beginnings of great relationships. Others seem to make you walk away never to return.

Jesus had an amazing pick up line. All He spoke was, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19 Can you imagine? Here we have two fisherman, they hear these words, and in dropping everything they go and follow Jesus. Just a simple line caught the attention of men who chose to follow Him for all their days.

What words from Jesus made you turn in your tracks and follow Him? What was it that He said to you that day?

Some speak of the greatest orators on earth, some speak of the greatest writers to ever pen a story, but I think I would like to make a correction. Jesus Christ was and is the greatest orator and writer of all times. It is His words that have changed the lives of many. It is His writings that have moved the hearts of men.

Now, when we look to ourselves as follower of Jesus, what line do we use? Do you have one? Do you think of what to say to others to move them to follow Jesus? As we have many around us that do not know Him, it is for us, His followers to show them just who He is and we can do that with our words. But just as our words bring them to Him, our actions must point them to Him.

Our pick up lines either bring others to Him or they push others farther away. Our life should be our pick up line. Our words and actions need to match one another. Too many times they do not, and it is in that riding the fence that others are confused at what our words are really saying.

Too many times I have not shared words at all. I have let times go by where I had a chance to speak, but that time was lost in my fear. If we can use crazy pick up lines to introduce ourselves to others, make fools of ourselves just to meet another, how much more important are our words to point another to Jesus?

What of our great commission? "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15 Today the Lord is moving me to speak more clearly, to walk more like Him, and to do so my words and actions must meet together forming one, one that is a follower of Jesus.

Jesus used words that the disciples would understand when He spoke to be "Fishers of men". He met them on their level, He used words they could understand. They knew all about catching fish, getting the greatest catch and how hard of work it is. They knew the reward of the catch. How it not only fed, but gave nourishment. God's word feeds us and gives us the nourishment we need. When they dropped their nets to follow Him, they knew, they gave up everything for Him. Are you ready to drop your net and follow Him today? Are you ready to be fishers of men? In our walk with Him, may we spend time on our "Pick up lines". May we use them to point family, friends and those standing in line to the Savior of the world.


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