Monday, February 8, 2010


You know why I love snow? It makes me feel like a kid again. It reminds me of all the snowmen my dad and I made together as a kid. It makes me smile at the times spent outdoors with my kids making memories in the snow.

I love hearing the chainsaw run. I love the warmth of the wood stove. I love seeing the big flakes of the snow falling covering the ground with its pureness. I love seeing the smoke come from the roof tops. Seeing kids playing while they have a day off of school.

Yesterday while walking in the back fields as I was under a tree an eagle was perched there, and took off in flight that was soundless. The beauty of the snow birds, the call of the geese, and the deer tracks all show me the beauty the Lord created.

As I am a winter girl, I too love walking in the snow and being with the Lord. Praying and picturing my sins being washed away as clean and pure as the snow.

I love watching Daisy jump and catch snowballs. I love watching my son a sleigh, for before I know it, he too will be watching his child sleigh ride.

Having my birthday fall in December, I always hoped for a birthday filled with snow, and as a kid I usually got that gift.

See, snow takes me back to being a kid, to laughing and just having a ball. Too many times people today forget how to do that. Each day is a gift, a celebration of life.

We love taking long drives through the back roads looking at all the beauty. Taking walks with my husband through the woods, holding my hand is something so amazing.

God created each snow flake different. I remember cutting out snowflakes as a kid, and then teaching my own how to do so. The smile for each one made and placed on the fridge or in the window is a priceless memory.

There is a beauty in the snow. You might have to travel back to your childhood to find it, you might even have to break out that old coat, scarf and gloves, you might just have to let go, and grab yourself a snowball to find a smile on your face.


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